Rand Paul Provides Info That Demolishes the "Trump Is Racist" Narrative

Speculation on whether Trump is a racist has been flying around since the 2016 campaigns. While people would point to some instances in his past that prove he is one, Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has proof to the contrary.


Between Trump’s “bad hombre” comments about illegals from Mexico, to his original trouble in denouncing the KKK during an interview — Trump blamed his inability to understand what was being asked of him on a faulty earpiece — many have leveled the charge of racism against Trump with veracity.

Of course, people are also now pointing to Trump calling Haiti and other countries “sh*tholes” as another example of his racism. But Trump has denied any charge of racism against him despite his words, and to back up the President’s claims, Paul appeared on NBC’s “Meet the Press” on Sunday where he actually put forth some proof contrary to the narrative.

“I know personally about his feelings towards Haiti and toward Central America because when I was not a candidate for president and he wasn’t a candidate for president I went down there on a medical mission trip,” Paul said. “I did about 200 cataract surgeries with a group of surgeons in Haiti and the same in Central America, and when we asked Donald J. Trump as a private citizen to support those trips, he was a large financial backer of both medical mission trips.

“So I think it’s unfair to sort of draw conclusions from a remark that I think wasn’t constructive is the least we can say, and it’s unfair to all of a sudden paint him as ‘he’s a racist’ when I know for a fact he cares very deeply about the people in Haiti because he helped finance a trip where we were able to get vision back for 200 people in Haiti,” Paul added.


Lacking in grace as Trump’s comments were, to say that he is a racist because of his relatively true remarks about the state of a country’s people shouldn’t be considered racist. In truth, acknowledging that these countries are in a bad way is the first step to making it better. If their problems weren’t so bad, Paul wouldn’t need to go there to provide free medical support for people with vision problems.


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