WHOA: Obama Admin May Have Warned Terrorist Leader of Israeli Assassination Plot as Exposed by Chatty Former Spox

The Obama administration may have prevented the assassination of a terrorist military leader by Israel by letting the leader know the plan beforehand, as Obama’s former U.S. National Security Council spokesman may have revealed in a tweet.


It all started when The New York Times’ Bret Stephens tweeted out an article from Hareetz, which claimed an assassination attempt on Iranian general Qassem Soleimani, who is also commander of the Quds forces, a sponsor of terrorism according to the U.S.

“The story here, Kuwaiti-sourced, is that Obama team tipped Tehran to an Israeli attempt to assassinate Qassem Soleimani, the Iranian general who has the blood of hundreds of American troops in his hand. What says [Ben Rhodes]?” asked Stephens, referring to Obama’s former foreign policy adviser.


Answering him, however, was Tommy Vietor who worked as Obama’s former U.S. National Security spokesman.

“Yeah WTF Ben? Immediately confirm or deny this totally unsubstantiated claim and then tell us why you don’t support assassinations,” tweeted Vietor.

Stephens reached back into history and reminded Vietor that the Iran-Contra scandal started similarly, and reminded Vietor that actually, the Obama administration was all about assassinations. In fact, they trumpeted one assassination as one of their primary accomplishments.

“Funny, I remember how Iran-Contra scandal began [Tommy Vietor]. Little story in obscure Lebanese magazine. Also glad to know Obama administration doesn’t support assassinations—except by SEAL team or drone strike. Because that’s totally different,” he tweeted.



Vietor brought up the assassination of Osama bin Laden as a defense, but called Suleimani an “Iranian political leader.”

Calling Suleimani a political leader didn’t sit right for Stephens, who reminded Vietor who the general was, and who he led.

“Seriously, Tommy Vietor? Suleimani is an ‘Iranian political leader’? Actually, he’s head of the Quds Force, which is a US-designated sponsor of terrorism. Suleimani is sanctioned by name. Here, read about it,” he said, linking to information about the Quds Forces.

That’s when Vietor may have spilled way too many beans. Firstly, Vietor called a U.S. supported assassination of Suleimani “irresponsible.”

Then replying to conservative radio show host Hugh Hewitt, Vietor let loose that Obama did many things against Iran to deter them, but revealed that an “assassination of QS by Israel would be destabilizing to put it mildly.”


Did Vietor just reveal that the Obama admin had betrayed Israel by revealing an assassination plot against a terrorist leader? Stephens asked him.


Vietor hasn’t replied since.

Let’s not forget that evidence surfaced that the Obama administration was recently enabling Hezbollah’s narco-terrorism in fear that stopping it would harm the Iran deal. Standing in the way of an assassination attempt by Israel would seem right up the Obama admin’s alley in this case.

(h/t: Daily Wire)


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