Twitter's "Shadowbanning" of Conservatives Confirmed as Twitter Employees Confess in Undercover Sting Video

The act of “shadowbanning” has been used by various social media companies. The idea is that a user would not be outright banned from a social media platform, but the company would make it so that few, if any, other users would see your content. Shadowbanning is usually used to censor certain users for their ideas or political positions as a way to seem like the company isn’t trying to silence anyone when they actually are.


Thanks to a new undercover sting video by Project Veritas, we now know that Twitter itself is implementing such a ban.

Rumors of Twitter using shadow banning are not new. Many users, specifically of the right-wing variety, have noticed that their engagement went from sixty to zero very quickly, and with no explanation as to why. Certain users complained that they felt their tweets weren’t being seen, and other users would confirm that they haven’t noticed tweets from specific users in a while despite the fact that they’ve been active.

But this new video from Project Veritas proves that many of the fears were correct, as no less than eight Twitter officials are caught on camera essentially admitting that they’re indeed attempting to silence certain people.

“Yeah you look for Trump or America, and you have like five thousand keywords to describe a redneck,” Twitter Direct Messaging Engineer Pranay Singh. “Then you look and parse all the messages, all the pictures, and then you look for stuff that matches that stuff.”

“I would say majority of it are for Republicans,” he added.

By the confession of the Twitter employees, conservatives are targeted based on pro-Trump material, as well as anything involving pro-Christianity, pro-guns, free markets, etc. When a tweet or account roles across a Twitter employee’s desk that contains any or all of these, that tweet is silenced, and that person shadowbanned.


Watch Daily Caller’s highlights video of the sting below.

Twitter is one of the largest platforms in America for the exchange of ideas, especially political. Articles from various websites are traded between users, spreading information and facts that many on the left would consider inconvenient, all the way up to damning. Arguments between ideological opponents often reveal weaknesses in arguments or character.

Open communication and free speech is the way to a better society, even if the speech being exhibited by some of its users isn’t remotely good. However, many of the Silicon Valley companies believe that the leftist message is the only message that should reign.

This can be a very frightening thing for America, especially since the flow of information is controlled by many in the tech industry. Google, one of the largest distributors of information on the planet, is implicitly left-wing as revealed by its targeting of conservative sites for fact-checking while ignoring left-wing sites. It can also be seen in its labeling of figures like Ben Shapiro as not friendly to advertisers, or the latest lawsuit with James Damore.


Many of these sites like to pretend they aren’t silencing conservative or libertarian voices, but now we have open proof that they are.

But it’s not just conservatives that should be worried. This kind of forced echo-chamber, intolerance, bigotry, and subterfuge from silicone valley should trouble everyone who wants a more free, and open society.


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