Watch: Weinstein Slapped Twice in Released Assault Video

Earlier today, RedState reported that someone attempted to assault disgraced Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein by punching him twice in the face. The ordeal was reportedly caught on video, and the footage was being shopped around for $100,000.


Apparently, TMZ bought the footage and has released it.

What we now see is that the aforementioned story of Weinstein almost receiving two punches to the head was overblown. Weinstein’s attacker “Steve” merely slapped the back of his hand on Weinstein’s face twice, afterward calling him a “piece of sh*t” for what he did to the women who allege Weinstein sexually assaulted them.

Steve also claimed that Weinstein was belligerent over being asked to have a photo taken with him beforehand. TMZ also released audio showing Weinstein was not belligerent, and was in fact telling Steve that the days of being nasty to women are over, and the he “no longer seeks that life.” Further, the audio shows that Weinstein and Steve were actually having a very amicable conversation when Steve thanked Weinstein and returned to his seat.

The manager of the Arizona restaurant, Elements restaurant at the Sanctuary Camelback Mountain Resort in Scottsdale, suspected that assaulting Weinstein for money may have been Steve’s plan all along, as he was seen telling his friend to get his phone ready to video what was about to happen. According to the manager, Steve was also drunk by the time Weinstein was leaving the restaurant.




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