Rand Paul On Upcoming Fight Against Warrantless Surveillance: The Fourth Amendment Is Not a Suggestion

Sen. Rand Paul (R-Ky.) has been on the front lines in the fight against warrantless surveillance and released a video on Tuesday reminding the federal government that the founders didn’t include the Fourth Amendment in the Constitution as a suggestion.


Paul has been fighting parts of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act (FISA) that allow intelligence agencies to not only spy on non-Americans but gather information about American citizens as well. This has never sat well with the Kentucky Senator, who has done a lot to keep the Fourth Amendment rights of Americans intact.

This includes threatening to filibuster the Senate at a time of great movement should FISA’s renewal come up for a vote in December. No one was willing to stand up to Paul and his bipartisan cooperators, and so FISA’s renewal was delayed.

In his latest video update, Paul highlighted that while one of the government’s primary purposes is to keep the American people safe, American citizens should “always be afforded the guarantees of the constitution.”

Paul went on to pledge that he’ll do whatever it takes to prevent FISA from spying on Americans, including re-upping his filibuster threat, and added that any renewal must happen after new constitutional protections have been set in place to prevent information gathering on Americans.


Paul laid down some history about the Fourth Amendment to drive his point home.

“Our founders gave us the Fourth Amendment to prevent a tyrannical government from invading our privacy, and we are fools to relinquish this hard-won right because of fear,” said Paul. “Madison wrote that the chains of the constitution are necessary because men are not angels.”


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