New Study Shows Alarmist Climate Data Based off Faulty Science... Sorry Bill Nye

Putting yet another nail in the coffin of faulty science used by many climate alarmists to push agendas, a new study shows that the warming ocean temperatures we hear about ad nauseam from the likes of Bill Nye is not accurate, and may force a change in the way we look at climate data.


According to the Daily Caller, Scripps Institution of Oceanography did some data collecting using an all-new method of research:

Geoscientist Jeff Severinghaus, an academic at Scripps Institution of Oceanography, measured values of the noble gases argon, krypton, and xenon in air bubbles captured inside ice cores in Antarctica. Krypton and xenon are released into the atmosphere in known quantities as the ocean warms, according to the study, which was published Thursday in Nature Journal

“This method is a radically new way to measure change in total ocean heat,” Severinghaus said in a post on the Scripps website, which has since been removed. “It takes advantage of the fact that the atmosphere is well-mixed, so a single measurement anywhere in the world can give you the answer.”

Their findings? Well, they won’t please Al Gore:

The ratio of these gases allows for a much more effective and exact calculation of average global ocean temperature, according to Severinghaus and his team of researchers at Scripps. They discovered that xenon and krypton are well preserved in ice cores and can, therefore, provide temperature information that scientists can use to study many other aspects of the earth’s oceans.

“Our precision is about 0.2 ºC (0.4 ºF) now, and the warming of the past 50 years is only about 0.1 ºC,” he said, adding that advanced equipment can provide more precise measurements, allowing scientists to make better calculations going forward. His fellow researcher made similar remarks.

“The reason this study is so exciting is that previous methods of reconstructing ocean heat content have very large age uncertainties, [which] smooths out the more subtle features of the record,” said co-author Sarah Shackleton, a graduate student at Severinghaus’ lab.


Summed up, the oceans have only warmed a total of 0.1 over the last half a century, essentially putting the climate models used by alarmists, the U.N., and politicians to tout the “settled science” talking point in serious doubt.

Severinghaus’ findings are potentially very significant and “remarkably interesting,” Cato Institute scientist Patrick Michaels told The Daily Caller News Foundation. It tells academics that “we are living in a world that won’t warm at the same rate as those seen in the U.N. climate models”

According to people like Nye (not a real scientist), the reason we see cooling is because the oceans are eating the heat. This was shot down by William Happer, a physicist at Princeton University (is a scientist) who noted that the oceans had not risen in heat like Nye’s preferred models say they have.

“Let me point out that science is not like passing a law,” Happer the scientist told Nye the not scientist. “You don’t have a vote to say how many are for the law of gravity and how many are against — it’s based on observations. And if you observe what’s happening to, for example, the temperature, the temperature is not rising nearly as fast as the alarmist computer models predicted. It’s much, much less — factors of two or three less. So the whole basis for the alarmism is not true, it’s based on flawed computer modeling.”


With this new data, we can see that Happer is correct, and Nye…well, he’s Nye.


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