DNC Deputy Chair Promotes Domestic Terrorist Group Antifa, Has Radical Past of His Own

Democratic Minnesota Rep. and Democratic National Committee Vice-Chair Keith Ellison is apparently not shy about promoting leftist radical laden terrorist groups. Likely because he has a radical past of his own.


On Wednesday, Ellison tweeted out a picture of an Antifa (short for anti-fascist) pamphlet saying that he found something that “strikes fear” into President Donald Trump’s heart.


Antifa has been labeled a domestic terrorist group by the Department of Homeland Security. Over the course of 2016-2017, Antifa earned the title by physically attacking people who do not line up directly with their views and vandalizing and destroying property. They are also anti-capitalist, and pro-communist.

Conservative podcast host Steven Crowder also conducted an undercover sting video, where one of his producers recorded Antifa members discussing arming themselves with knives and guns at a free speech event featuring Ben Shapiro.

Of course, none of this seems to bother Ellison. In fact, he may be in full support, given his past is filled with radicalism itself as reported by the Daily Caller.

Ellison once defended famed anti-Semite Louis Farrakhan, head of the Nation of Islam, against charges of anti-Semitism. In an op-ed for the Washington Post last year, Ellison said he should have more closely scrutinized Farrakhan, who once said Hitler was a “very great man,” but blamed a “right-wing smear campaign” for any questions raised about his ties to anti-Semitic figures.

Ellison has his own history of radical positions, including advocating for black nationalism. During college, he wrote columns arguing for the creation of a blacks-only ethnostate and called the U.S. Constitution the “best evidence of a white racist conspiracy to subjugate other peoples.” Similarly, while speaking at a protest following in 1992, Ellison declared that black people don’t live in a democracy and don’t have an “obligation” to obey government.


But while it’s definitely hard to hold someone’s views against them when they were declared so far in the past, perhaps you’d like a more recent example.

While speaking to an atheist group in 2007, Ellison compared the Sept. 11 attacks to the Reichstag fire. He stopped just short of accusing then-President George W. Bush of having a hand in the attacks. “It’s almost like the Reichstag fire, kind of reminds me of that,” Ellison said of the terrorist attacks. “After the Reichstag was burned, they blamed the Communists for it, and it put the leader [Hitler] of that country in a position where he could basically have authority to do whatever he wanted.”

Ellison went on to say he wouldn’t suggest the U.S. had a hand in the attacks because “you know, that’s how they put you in the nut-ball box — dismiss you,” before later walking back the comments.

Ellison has indeed attempted to distance himself from the radical things he has said but isn’t succeeding.

During a 2010 speech to a mostly Muslim audience, Ellison claimed that America’s foreign policy puts Israel’s interests first because American Jews have been “mobilized” to “do its bidding in America.”


This is one of the current leaders of the Democratic party. This is who is going to try to push someone to run against Trump in 2020.

Keep that in mind.



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