UGH! Taylor Swift Buys Homeless, Pregnant Fan a House in Clear Attempt to Distract From Her Political Stances

That devious Taylor Swift is once again avoiding the pressing question of whether or not she supports Donald Trump by doing something selfless and extraordinary for one of her fans. Makes me sick!


According to NBC2, the new phone app “The Swift Life” contains many stories surrounding Taylor Swift as told by her fandom. One story, in particular, caught the media’s attention, clearly distracting the public from questioning Swift’s stance on Net Neutrality.

A woman going by the name “Stephanie,” in the UK, told the tale of how Swift came to her rescue in one of her darkest hours. Stephanie was eight months pregnant, her husband jobless, and the two of them totally homeless.

Stephanie’s mother notified Swift of her situation, and that her daughter would be at her show. She simply requested Swift make her daughter feel special during this incredibly low time. According to Swift, Stephanie’s mom asked her if she could possibly comp her daughter’s ticket, but Taylor Swift — undoubtedly looking for a way to avoid being pressured to divulge her opinion on Trump’s border wall — had a much grander plan in store for Stephanie.

She bought her a house, and everything the baby needed to be well taken care of.

Stephanie tells the story like this:

I’ve been contemplating posting this story for a while. I’ve finally decided to tell you all what Taylor did for me this night. What many of you don’t know is that for 8 months of my pregnancy I was homeless. Long story short our first flat was condemned for health and safety reasons and we lost everything. To add to the stress, during this time Matthew lost his job. My Mum told Taylor and just asked her to make me feel special at her show I was attending in Manchester. After the show Taylor took us back to her dressing room where she told me “Stephanie, You’ve been in my life for a long time and you’ve never asked me for anything. You could have reached out and I would have helped you. But you didn’t. You’re mum told me..” She told me she wanted to give me the money back for my ticket that night. What she actually did was help us buy a home and all I needed for my baby. She told me “I want you to be able to enjoy your little girl, not have to worry about all this stuff.” That night she gave me her hand and lifted me off the ground. The same way she’s done for 12 years. I love her forever. #SwiftStories #Taymoji #MySwiftStory.



We can all see right through this tear-jerking story of selflessness, charity, and love. This is charlatanism of the highest order! By buying a pregnant homeless fan a place to raise her infant daughter and baby supplies to boot, you think you can distract us from the fact that you don’t stand for or against Trump’s immigration policies? You think I don’t know your unbridled charity is just a diversionary tactic to stop people from wondering why you neglect to comment on the GOP tax bill?

Your turning someone’s darkest hour into a shining moment of hope and warmth disgusts me to no end! Have you no comment about Trump’s climate tweets? Bill Nye does! He’s a celebrity talking about politics and science! Why can’t you be as brave as Bill Nye, Taylor Swift? Why can’t you appear on CNN and argue with actual scientists about their findings! Huh?!

You just keep doing wonderful things for people, Swift, but know this! I’ve got my eye on the real issues and right now, your inability to denounce Trump as the spawn of Hitler and Satan is one of them! You might as well engage in momentous acts of charity and kindness with a swastika banded around your arm!

I’m watching you, you uncommonly kind and generous SOCIOPATH!






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