ISIS Fanatic Is Making Threats in New York by Taking Selfies at Various Locations

The terrorist group ISIS — currently being destroyed handily in the Middle East — has stepped up its threats against the U.S. as it continues to release videos that put New York as the focus of its ire. One ISIS supporter, in particular, is taking the fear mongering further by posting selfies in front of New York sites with ISIS symbols.


As The Sun reported, the Christmas season inflamed the radicalism of the Islamic group. This caused them to release threatening images such as one that looks like an ISIS terrorist threatening Santa, with a terrorist below holding a bloody knife and the caption “it’s cheaper than a chainsaw.”

But to further drive the fear of ISIS attack into the New York population, one ISIS fanatic is taking selfies with ISIS symbols around various parts of New York. Presumably, the man is doing this as a way to let New Yorkers know that operatives are among the population, ready to strike at any moment.

In one, the man is taking a picture of a busy New York street while wearing a scarf that has ISIS’s symbol on it.

This isn’t the first time an ISIS fanatic used ISIS symbolism to make threats. Last year someone posted a photo of the ISIS symbol on a phone with the backdrop highlighting the One World Trade Center.


The attack in New York last year that claimed the lives of eight people was claimed by ISIS, who called the attacker a “soldier of the Caliphate.” While ISIS called the attacker one of the Islamic State supporters, ISIS provided no evidence that they had a hand in planning the attack, nor any proof of foreknowledge at all.

Regardless, with ISIS on the run in the Middle East, their decentralization may cause them to focus on more terroristic gorilla tactics in first world nations, as we’ve seen them do in the U.S. and Britain.



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