Reminder: Bill Nye Is an Unscientific Propagandist Who Uses Tragedy to Promote Agendas, and Wants Detractors Jailed

Bill Nye’s Netflix show “Bill Nye Saves the World” is back for a second season, so now is as good a time as any to point out that the former host of a great children’s science show is now a mere shadow of his former self, thanks to politics.


When it comes to the fact that celebrity-in-a-lab-coat Bill Nye is purely a non-scientific agenda driven lackey for the left, “the science is settled,” to use their unscientific lingo.

But beneath Nye’s climate lunacy lurks an even darker fact about the man — and it’s that he has no problem using someone’s disaster as a means to push the climate change narrative.

Take, for instance, the fact that whenever Nye sees a natural disaster on television, his first reaction isn’t “Let’s do what we can to help these people,” it’s “See! I was right about climate change all along!”

Exhibit A:

Ignore the fact that we live on an active planet where natural disasters are a horrid norm, there’s panic to induce! I have to wonder if Nye truly believes the things he’s tweeting, and spends most of his time gripping the arms of his chair as he watches the Weather Channel, horrified but unable to turn away?

Nye’s choice to promote pseudo-science in order to push one agenda or another has driven his once celebrated name into the ground. Creating a song for the first season of his show called “My Sex Junk,” all about how there are more than two genders, will do that. Transgenderism is not real in any world but the political, and if Nye wants to push that narrative then he needs to don a different costume. But I digress.


Nye is far more popular for his religious devotion to the Church of Climate Change. For Nye, the science actually is settled. In fact, he’s used those exact words, which is an interesting phrase to come out of a supposed scientist, seeing as how the study of climate is not a settled science at all. This is proven whenever Nye is pitted against an actual scientist.

The argument between Nye and physicist William Happer on how climate change is and isn’t actually happening is a fine example. The interview is fun to watch, but the argument ended with Nye showing he didn’t know what he was talking about, and devolved into finger-wagging at CNN for having Happer on in the first place to express his scientific know-how over Nye’s.

Unscientific as Nye’s attempts at silencing scientific discussion and debate is, Nye doesn’t just want to de-platform his detractors. He wants them jailed. He also likes to refer to people who question the left’s climate change narrative as “deniers,” which, it should be noted, is a term religious people used to use when accusing someone of not following the church.

All of this has caused Nye’s popularity to reach an all time low. During his own Reddit Q&A, Nye was obliterated by his own fans for his continued break from scientific thought and practice in order to promote one agenda or another. For many people who grew up watching Nye, he’s become more political than scientific. Nye can’t argue against them, because he himself said that science and politics are one in the same.


I’m no scientist, but I don’t have to be one to know that science and politics are not nearly the same thing. The agenda of science is fact finding, getting down to the truth, finding out what works and what doesn’t, and more. Politics is too often none of those things.

There’s no telling what kind of nonsense we’ll be subjected to on Nye’s second go-round on his Netflix show, but I have to say with some sadness that whatever Nye says, should be taken with a grain of salt. What Nye is showing us is too often not science, but propaganda.


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