Vanity Fair Shouldn't Have Apologized for Doing What the Left Should Have Done Ages Ago; Break Up With Clinton

The women’s magazine Vanity Fair is no friend to the right wing, but when it made a joke video with a message to Hillary Clinton, it became public enemy number one to the left. This resulted in an avalanche of outrage, leading to a quick apology for daring to insult her majesty.


And as they rarely do, the apology didn’t make anything better. Vanity Fair is still dealing with a deluge of anger from their video, but now are dealing with backlash for making the apology. This includes an attack from President Trump himself.

But Vanity Fair’s move to make the video in the first place may have been the one sane thing that has come out of the leftist media in a while, and Democrats missed out on the perfect opportunity to do something that would have begun the process of rebuilding the party into something that’s not a broken, moneyless, mess…

…break up with Hillary Clinton.

Like the beaten party in an abusive relationship, the Democrats are still clinging to Clinton for a variety of reasons, and none of them are good. For one, she’s still the face of the inept, unsuccessful, and downright awkward “Resistance.” Hillary was the last person on the mainstream stage to really give Trump a run for his money, and the left seems stuck on this. Many have tried to take her place, like Elizabeth Warren, but no one can seem to generate the same groundswell.


In their Trump-derangement, many people on the left forget that Clinton was highly disliked. She wasn’t voted into office because the culture she attempted to bring with her is one that few voters wanted. Even after the election, when losing candidates tend to receive an approval bump, she didn’t at all. In fact, she’s only managed to become even more unpopular.

It didn’t help that Clinton didn’t meet her loss with grace. She made excuses by blaming everyone under the sun. Her comments on Twitter are sometimes tinged with sad delusions of leadership that are sometimes shared with her rabid supporters in the media, like Teen Vogue, who made her a guest editor for an issue in which Clinton self-aggrandized in a cringey way that was hard to watch.

I don’t think we even need to go into detail about her many scandals that build, but go unsolved, or even unpunished.

For the Democrats, and the left in general, Clinton is just poison.

Vanity Fair, in a moment of clarity, did something that the left should have done a long time ago; push Clinton away. They should let her fade into the past and rebuild the party from the rubble she left behind.



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