"TransKids" Site Sells Prosthetic Penises for "Trans" Little Girls to Wear

Do you have a kid you’re hoping to force your socio-political ideas on? Are the attention-grabbing posts you make on social media about your small child’s gender confusion lacking on Facebook likes, or Tumblr reblogs? Then fret not, dear social justice warrior, because now there’s a site called “transkids” that will sell you a small prosthetic penis for your little girl to wear around.


I sometimes come across things on the internet that are shocking, but not at all surprising. One thing I come across regularly is the social justice left attempting to force its ideas of sexuality and gender on small children. You can see repeated attempts to make gender confusion or the bucking of nature a normal thing for kids with things like the children’s YouTube channel “Queer Kid Stuff,” or articles from parents about how they’re attempting to raise their kid to be gender non-binary.

Why these people believe forcing their ideas about sexuality and gender on kids whose main concern should be who will play hide and seek with them after school is anyone’s guess. In a sane world this would be considered child abuse, but for too many platforms, this is considered “tolerance” and “open-mindedness.”

Somehow, forcing or convincing little girls to walk around with a plastic penis between their legs does not at all come off disgusting or abusive from the perspective of the social justice community. Forget the fact that children don’t have any sexual concerns, and that while they may have questions about their body, their concerns very typically stop at “boys have penises, girls have vaginas.” I’ve been told by social justice warriors that many kids suffer from gender dysphoria, but I tend to notice that the children that do all have parents who are, in fact, social justice warriors.


And these SJW parents are only too happy to force a problem on their children that has an over 40 percent suicide rate. At the Transkids site, you can purchase silicone penises ranging from small to extra small, as well as books that are meant to teach children about sex.

This isn’t open-mindedness or tolerance, this is straight up child abuse. Not only are these ideological die-hards teaching their children to grow up with the idea that they were born wrong, or defective, they’re attempting to make them wear things — by force or by persuasion — to put a penis between their legs.

I don’t know why there are people out there who believe putting a penis between a little girl’s legs is somehow now acceptable in the right context. This is not acceptable. Not in any context.



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