Masked Intruders Were No Match for an Armed NASCAR Team Owner, and Now He's on the Hunt for the Criminals

Don’t mess with NASCAR team owner and 2017 Hall of Fame inductee Richard Childress. That’s a lesson a few masked intruders had to learn the hard way earlier in December when they attempted to break into the 72-year-old’s North Carolina home.


According to the Winston-Salem Journal, Childress and his wife were enjoying a peaceful night, when at around 10:30 they both heard one of their windows shatter downstairs. Childress, however, wasn’t a helpless bystander…he’s also a second vice president of the National Rifle Association.

The NASCAR team owner grabbed his gun and went to show the intruders that they had broken into the wrong house:

All three intruders, who had most of their faces covered, were carrying what appeared to be guns, the agency said.

Childress heard the crash of the glass and retrieved his own weapon before going to investigate, the sheriff’s office said. When he saw the people inside his house he fired at the people.

To the Sheriff’s Department’s knowledge, no one was injured, though they do report that they are attempting to gather DNA evidence by objects left behind. The only other things that were left behind was all of Childress’s property. The intruders had failed miserably, scared off by an armed old man.

According to the Sheriff’s Department, Childress said he has two things to thank for his and his wife’s life.


“The only reason he and his wife were here today was because of God and the Second Amendment,” said authorities, quoting Childress.

But if the intruders think their troubles are over, they couldn’t be more wrong. Childress isn’t remotely done with them. According to WXII, Childress has put out a hefty reward for their capture:

Originally, the reward stood at $10,000, but friends and family of the Childress’s put some of their own cash into the pot. The reward for their capture now sits at $50,000.

That should get the bounty hunters scrambling.

If you have information regarding the incident, call Sgt. M Hanna at 336-242-2105 or Lexington Area Crimestoppers 336-243-2400.


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