California Lt. Gov Gavin Newsome to NRA: "We ARE Coming for Your Guns"

California’s Lt. Gov Gavin Newsom decided to commemorate the tragic Sandy Hook shooting in 2012 by telling the NRA that if they hurt anybody else, they’re coming for their guns.


Not would be criminals…but the NRA.

“It’s been 5 years since 20 first graders were shot dead at Sandy Hook,” wrote Newsom on a Facebook post.

Newsome then listed off the mass shootings that have occurred since that time.

Since then:
– 14 killed in San Bernardino
– 49 killed in Orlando
– 58 killed in Vegas
– 26 killed in a Texas church

“We have a message for the NRA – National Rifle Association of America: If you hurt people, we ARE coming for your guns,” wrote Newsome.

The message was accompanied by a video featuring Newsome speaking on how the only thing more certain than another mass shooting is the “moral cowardice” of Republicans who ignore it.

Newsome then mocked the idea of thoughts and prayers, saying Republicans hide behind them while “plugging their ears with NRA hush money.” Turning to a solution, Newsome bragged that California has passed “proposition 63” and will force “convicted violent felons” to give up their firearms.

The video ends with Newsome saying voters need to tell Trump and Ryan to stop “praying for NRA dollars” and fix the gun laws. This is accompanied by a group of people picking up both politicians and manhandling them back into the capitol to presumably pass gun control laws.

I’m not going to mince words here. This video and the accompanying message is flat out stupid. It paints innocents as criminals, and conveniently doesn’t go into just what kind of law was passed with Prop 63.


For one, the NRA didn’t cause any of these mass shootings. None of the shooters that were involved were members of the NRA. Newsome’s warning that he would take away the NRA’s guns if they hurt anybody ever again is one of the most over-the-top and blatant lies ever leveled at the National Rifle Association.

He also managed to leave out the fact that the Texas shooting was stopped by a former NRA instructor.

Furthermore, Prop 63’s purpose was to add to the already asinine restrictions on gun owners by making arms dealers obtain a permit to simply sell ammunition, and run a background check on people buying it. It also requires Californian’s give up any magazine that can contain over 10 rounds. How that prevents criminals from hurting anyone is beyond me, seeing as how California has made obtaining a gun a difficult task, and yet criminals are still managing to get their hands on them.

Once again, gun control politicians and advocates are punishing the law abiding for something the law defying did.

Oh, and speaking of laws, CONVICTED VIOLENT CRIMINALS ARE ALREADY NOT ALLOWED TO OWN GUNS. This has been a federal law for decades, and yet the left seems to believe that criminals are walking into gun stores, and walking out with enough firepower to conquer a small nation. This ban for felons also already includes ammunition, making Prop 63 a useless gesture that trips up law abiding gun owners, and exposing it as Newsome’s try-hard attempt to get some cred with the gun control crowd for when he runs for a higher office than his own.


Newsome says in the video that the “coming for your guns” bit was a warning to “criminals,” but with the guy blaming the NRA and gun owners as the culprits in mass shootings, I’d like to know what his definition of “criminal” is.

In one Facebook post, Newsome…

-Exposed either his ignorance about our nation’s gun laws or his willingness to lie about them.

-Pegged an innocent gun rights organization and its members (millions on millions of people) for mass shootings they had nothing to do with

-Mocked how people give condolences for tragic events that happen to them, specifically those of the religious variety

-Accused Republicans of profiting off of the death of Americans with silence money given to them by the NRA

-Stood on the graves of the slain to do it.

Newsome’s video is one of the more weasely things I’ve seen in a while, and I write on Planned Parenthood’s PR attempts a lot.


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