Alabama Republican Sen. Shelby: I'm "Relieved" Moore Lost

Alabama’s own Republican Senator Richard Shelby confessed that he’s as “relieved” as many other Republicans are about Roy Moore’s loss on Tuesday night.


According to The Hill, Shelby said he was “conflicted” as he watched the numbers roll in. While he didn’t feel comfortable watching Democrat Doug Jones win the election, he was happy that Republican voters chose to distance themselves from someone who would ultimately become poisonous to the GOP.

From The Hill:

“Relieved? Yes that’s a good word. I’m relieved and I believe a lot of Republicans are relieved that Roy Moore and some of his people aren’t the face of the Republican party,” he told reporters when asked if he was feeling any relief over Tuesday’s election results.

He added that Moore losing allows the state to avoid someone “radioactive” and “controversial” as their senator.

Shelby didn’t reveal who he wrote in on the ballot instead but did say he did not support Moore.

“I believe they chose principle over politics,” Shelby added about his fellow Alabama Republicans.

Many in the Republican party feel as Shelby does, including yours truly, and are celebrating the loss of someone like Moore, who is currently mired in evidence that he had an inappropriately sexual relationship with a minor.


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