North Korea Suddenly Concerned With "Global Defiance" and "Reckless" Behavior Over Trump's Jerusalem Decision

In this image taken from video, North Korean leader Kim Jong Un attends an event to mark the second anniversary of the death of his father, former leader Kim Jong Il, in Pyongyang, North Korea Tuesday, Dec. 17, 2013. (AP Photo/KRT via AP Video) TV OUT, NORTH KOREA OUT

The same communist hermit country that continues to advance its nuclear missile program in defiance of the international community is suddenly all about the international community’s opinion in the face of Trump’s Jerusalem decision.


An official statement released through the state-run Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) asserted that Trump’s declaration of Jerusalem being the capital of Israel “deserves a global condemnation and rejection as it is an open defiance of and an insult to the international legitimacy and to a unanimous will of the international society.”

That’s hysterical, coming from the same country that has been repeatedly sanctioned by the United Nations for its defiance of the “will of the international society.”

Of course, North Korea couldn’t resist getting their hits in on the guy who they sentenced to death for insulting their dear leader, Kim Jong Un.

This decision of the U.S. is not so surprising as it came from a dotard who had cried out for “total destruction” of a sovereign state at a sacred UN forum. But, through it, the world will be able to well discern about who is really a wrecker of the world peace and security and who is a gang of hooligans of the international society.

Some countries, which still count on the U.S., would become conscious of the true colors of the U.S.

North Korea claimed that any violence that erupts in the following weeks should be placed at the feet of the United States, and not at the feet of the people actually committing the violence.

But the best part is North Korea’s last paragraph which begins with lies and ends with damned lies.


“We, out of our external ideas of independence, peace and friendship, condemn strongly the U.S. action this time and express our firm support and solidarity with the Palestinians and other Arabian people in their just cause to regain their legitimate rights.”

North Korea has no idea what “independence” means. Its grip on its citizens is so tight that any misstep against Kim Jong Un or the North Korean government may result with you strapped to an anti-aircraft gun and being blasted apart. Most citizens can’t even get food and are dying from disease and parasites. Worshiping anyone other than Kim Jong Un, and you’ll be thrown into a work camp and tortured. Try to leave North Korea’s horrible conditions and you’ll be chased down and shot on sight.

North Korea is a hell on Earth. It’s no surprise they stand against Israel, the one shining beacon of freedom and civilization among a land filled with human rights violations, hatred, and violence.



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