Shark Jumped: Chelsea Handler Actually Blamed Trump for Starting the California Wildfires

I’m not sure how many sharks Chelsea Handler will jump before she’s put on the list of stars Hollywood is shying away from, but Handler added another reason to the Scrooge McDuck pile she’s already got going.


Handler informed Twitter that she’s having to abandon her home. While my heart goes out to her, she turned the moment political to strike at Trump and — I’m not kidding here — blame him for starting the fire.

“Just evacuated my house,” Handler tweeted. “It’s like Donald Trump is setting the world on fire. Literally and figuratively. Stay safe everyone. Dark times.”

Trump derangement syndrome is no joke, people.

While I understand many may not like Trump — in many ways, I get it — Handler is representing a seriously insane side to the Hollywood backlash that has consumed it since the guy’s election. Attacking policies you disagree with, making fun of him for his hair, or WTF-ing over his latest tweet I can completely get.

But blaming him for an entire state being on fire? What’s next? Saying he gave someone cancer?

…oh yeah, I guess they would go that far.

Handler, and indeed many in her profession, need to cool it on the crazy.

(h/t: Steven Crowder)


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