Trey Gowdy: "What the Hell" was an FBI Agent with Anti-Trump Biases Doing Investigating Clinton?

Rep. Trey Gowdy of the House Judiciary Committee is wondering why FBI Agent Peter Strzok, a man known for having anti-Trump biases, was put in charge of handling the investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.


During a Thursday interview with Fox News, Gowdy pointed out that the FBI putting Strzok in charge of the Clinton investigation when the agent had biases that would have potentially interfered with the investigation.

And according to Gowdy, it seems those biases pretty much did. In order to avoid prosecuting Clinton, Stzok changed the words describing Clinton’s foul, “gross negligence” to “extremely careless.”

“It’s really difficult to say, ‘we’re not gonna prosecute you’ when we use the precise words, so he changed it to extremely careless,” said Gowdy. “There is no difference–the only difference is they didn’t want to use the wording in the statute.”

Then Gowdy raised an important question. If Strzok had an anti-Trump bias, what was he doing on the investigation against Clinton in the first place?

“If he had pro-Clinton or anti-Trump bias, what the hell was he doing interviewing Hillary Clinton?”


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