Obama Is Thanking Himself, and Taking Credit for Trump's Economic Improvements

Former President Barack Obama — the same guy who regulated industries, forced people to pay for healthcare services they’d never use, and oversaw the worst GDP growth of any modern president — is taking credit for the economic upswing seen under the current administration led by President Donald Trump.


According to the Washington Times, Obama was speaking at a conference of mayors in Chicago when he thanked himself for the improving employment numbers the country is currently experiencing, crediting his climate change policies for the upswing.

“As we took these actions, we saw the U.S. economy grow consistently,” Mr. Obama said. “We saw the longest streak of job creation in American history by far, a streak that still continues by the way.”

“Thanks, Obama,” he added.

The Washington Times pointed out some things that don’t fit with Obama’s narrative:

The stock market has gained about 30 percent in value since Mr. Trump’s election in November 2016, and gross domestic product has increased more than 3 percent in each of the past two quarters. The jobless rate, meanwhile, has dropped to a 17-year low of 4.1 percent.

The economy was growing slowly during Mr. Obama’s presidency, but many business leaders and economists credit Mr. Trump’s regulatory rollback and his push for tax cuts as reasons for the economy picking up steam this year.


Indeed, Obama never had a year of GDP growth that went beyond three percent. The highest he ever reached was 2.6 in 2015. In 2016, the highest he could get was 0.8 percent. Overall, Obama’s entire presidency resulted in a 1.5 percent GDP growth.

Trump isn’t even into his first year and he’s already reached three percent.

Somebody should tell Obama he didn’t build that.


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