ALARM: Rep. Thomas Massie Exposed BIG Democrat Gun Control Attempt Attached to Reciprocity Bill

Kentucky Republican Thomas Massie is blowing the whistle on a quiet attempt by the Democrats to piggyback gun control legislation onto the much anticipated national reciprocity bill heading to the floor for a vote.


The bill, known as the “Fix NICS” bill, is an Obama style regulation that, according to Massie, would require government entities to submit thousands of names into the NICS database for denial of the purchase of a firearm.  The legislation is being quietly added in a Trojan Horse style by Democratic Senators Chuck Schumer and Diane Feinstein.

Massie sounded the alarm through a post on Facebook, writing on how “the Senate version of this bill is cosponsored by Senator Dianne Feintstein and Senator Chuck Schumer.”

The bill encourages administrative agencies, not the courts, to submit more names to a national database that will determine whether you can or can’t obtain a firearm. When President Obama couldn’t get Congress to pass gun control, he implemented a strategy of compelling, through administrative rules, the Veterans Administration and the Social Security Administration to submit lists of veterans and seniors, many of whom never had a day in court, to be included in the NICS database of people prohibited from owning a firearm. Only a state court, a federal (article III) court, or a military court, should ever be able to suspend your rights for any significant period of time.


The bill itself is troubling, but as Massie points out, the bill was sent through committee at breakneck speed, breaking records for fast tracked legislation by entering and exiting committee, with approval, in a matter of hours. The speed at which the bill was passed meant that the bill wasn’t viewable by the public until after it had been approved.

Massie wrote that “Fix NICS” should be immediately decoupled from the reciprocity legislation and voted on separately, noting that passing Fix NICS to get reciprocity through may not result in reciprocity at all, since neither Schumer or Feinstein are going to vote for reciprocity, even with the Fix NICS legislation attached.

The Kentucky Rep also warned that since the Senate only has the Fix NICS bill with no reciprocity, and the House has Fix NICS attached to the reciprocity bill, it’s likely that Dems will vote down reciprocity, and pass through Fix NICS alone. As for Republicans, they’ll vote for it too as they already voted for it once before.

“Because Republicans already voted for it once as part of the reciprocity deal that never came to pass, they won’t have a solid footing for opposing fix-NICS as a standalone bill. Then we’ll end up with fix-NICS, which is basically an expansion of the Brady Bill, without reciprocity,” wrote Massie.


“If our House leadership insists on bringing the flawed fix-NICS bill to the floor, they shouldn’t play games,” wrote Massie. “We should vote separately on HR 38, the Concealed Carry Reciprocity Bill, and HR 4477, the fix-NICS bill. And we should be given enough time to amend the fix-NICS bill, because it needs to be fixed, if not axed.”


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