Hillary Clinton Says DOJ Investigation Into Her Uranium One Deal With Russia Is an "Abuse of Power"


Hillary Clinton seems to think it’s great to continuously investigate ties of her political opponents to Russia using our government, but the moment an investigation on her begins to take form the former State Dept head believes this a step too far.


During an interview with Mother Jones, Clinton called any investigation into her and the Clinton Foundation’s involvement in the Uranium One scandal would be a “disastrous step into politicizing the Justice Department” and “such an abuse of power.”

“It will be incredibly demoralizing to people who have served at the Justice Department, under both Republicans and Democrats, because they know better,” said Clinton. “But it will also send a terrible signal to our country and the world that somehow we are giving up on the kind of values that we used to live by and we used to promote worldwide.”

The trouble for Clinton started when it was revealed that Clinton’s State Department was part of the 2010 sale of Uranium One, a Canadian company, to the Russian government. The sale could not take place without Clinton’s State Department approval.


Making this event even more odd are documents proving that the Clinton Foundation had received mountains of cash from Russian sources around the same time the favorable sale was approved to Russia.

All this on top of the fact that there is evidence that then President Obama’s DOJ had attempted to hide evidence of kickbacks and bribes from Russia in violation of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act.

Needless to say, it all seems rather fishy and warrants some probing into…something Clinton is vehemently against.


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