Biden Already Gaining Big Lead On Trump in 2020 Poll

Former Vice President Joe Biden said he’d only run for office in 2020 if no viable candidates popped up from within the Democratic party that would stand a chance against Trump, but a new poll suggests that Biden might be that candidate.


According to a Politico/Morning Consult poll, Biden is currently leading Trump 46 to 35. That’s an 11 point lead.

I think we’ve all learned not to trust early polls. A lot can happen in the years leading up to 2020, and you’ll recall the polls and stats were wrong leading all the way up to the moment the election started.

However, Biden isn’t the polarizing figure Hillary Clinton was. Clinton embraced a left that was listing so far to port that it fell over and sank. In fact, during the 2016 elections, many people voted for Trump not because they liked Trump, but because they hated Hillary. For the white working class, filled to the brim with moderates, Clinton brought on too much of an anti-American feel to the culture, and was rejected handily.

Biden, however, doesn’t have that problem. He’s both a throwback to the Democrats most progressive era since FDR, having served under Obama, but also the guy whom many of the working class could have a beer with. In truth, he may be the Democrat’s dream.


The only problem is that polls say the majority of the Democrat party wants the party to lean still left economically, preferring candidates like Bernie Sanders and his socialist policies. Should Biden fall in with that, he may scare off moderates, but earn back more of his base. However, this would likely split the Democratic party, giving Trump the White House a second time.

Either way, this is all a long way off, and we still have some years to go before we come to that bridge. But if Biden is going to run in 2020, he should begin developing his strategy plans sooner than later.


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