Watch: Woman Shows Off Buying Lobster with Food Stamps and Feeding it to Her Dog

You’ve heard of people abusing their welfare payments before, but one woman made a YouTube video and showed just how abused the system can be while mocking people who pay taxes.


The video in question features a well-dressed woman purchasing a pack of lobster tails at a Publix grocery store with an EBT card. Saying thank you to the cashier, text appears on the video saying “yes, thank you for working so your taxes can go toward buying me lobster.

The video then cuts to the woman explaining that she actually hates lobster, but wanted to show just how easy it was for her to live the high life while not working.

The woman then launches into pointing out that the cashier that checked her out probably makes around $8 an hour, and that she would have to work an hour and a half in order to afford the $13 lobster this woman just purchased. The woman then showed off her two smartphones, one of which was given to her by the government, complete with free minutes and data.

The woman even flashes off expensive keychains she had gotten for free that by her own admission probably cost more than minimum wage earner’s car payments. She said she had bought them after the government back paid her almost $10,000 after she had applied for government welfare.


The video ends with the woman feeding her dog the $13 lobster, and openly saying she doing this in a YouTube video to mock the taxpayer for all their hard work.

The woman’s identity has not yet been revealed.

You can watch the video for yourself below, but be warned, this woman does not know how to say a sentence without dropping the “f-bomb.”


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