New York Pastor: My Church Is Not a Gun Free Zone

New York Pastor: My Church Is Not a Gun Free Zone

Lighthouse Mexico Church of God Pastor Ronald Russell watched the news as the Sutherland Springs, Texas, incident unfolded and decided that that kind of atrocity would not happen in his church.

Russel encouraged his flock to bring their guns to church, and as a warning to anyone who may attempt to bring death to his parishioners, Russell put up the direct warning on the church’s marquee in bold letters “WE SAY IT AGAIN, WE ARE NOT A GUN FREE ZONE.

Russell gave an interview to Fox and Friends over his decision and explained he wanted to “send a strong message” that the events that occurred in Texas were “not going to happen in our church.”

“I have 40 kids, and they’re very valuable to us,” said Russel. “And to have someone think they’re going to come in and shoot the place up…that’s not going to happen.”

Russell told Fox and Friends that he notice the pattern of gunmen preferring locations that are confirmed gun-free zones. The pastor explained that he had made this declaration before after Sandy Hook, and wanted to warn anyone with similarly evil intent that his church was filled with Second Amendment supporters that would shoot back.

Russell also told Fox and Friends that they encourage firearm training among their young ladies and women in self-defense after one of their parishioners were sexually assaulted.

“It takes a good guy with a gun to stop a bad guy with a gun,” concluded Russell.

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