A Tale of Two Sanders

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders (I) continuously polls as America’s most beloved senator. Either something about giving people other people’s money is appealing to many Americans, or they just see the guy as honest.


Seeing as how a recent election showed us that socialism, which Sanders champions under the guise of “Democratic Socialism” — ya know, the same thing Stalin called his communism — isn’t many people’s forte, so we can assume that many think Sanders is one of the few honest politicians in the D.C. swamp.

But that would be like calling the swamp monster the jolly green giant just because they’re in the same color scheme…racist.

I can make my point by showing you Sanders’ recent article for CNN, wherein the Senator rails against the “global oligarchy” of major corporations.

“One of the major, untold stories of our time is the rapid movement toward global oligarchy, in which just a handful of billionaires now own and control a significant part of the world economy,” writes Sanders.

He continues by lamenting the presence of rich people in the midst of the poor, explaining that the wealthiest people in the world are enjoying luxuries while some people on the globe can’t get decent drinking water:

“Here in the United States, the top one-tenth of 1% owns almost as much wealth as the bottom 90%. Incredibly, according to a recent report from the Institute for Policy Studies, three of the richest people in America — Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos and Warren Buffett — now own more wealth than bottom 160 million people in our country.

But this is clearly not just an American issue. It is a global issue. While millions of people throughout the world live in dire poverty, without clean drinking water, adequate health care, decent housing, or education for their kids, the six wealthiest people in the world as ranked by Forbes Magazine own more wealth, according to Oxfam, than the bottom half of the world’s population, 3.6 billion people.

This massive level of wealth and income inequality, and the political power associated with that wealth, is an issue that cannot continue be ignored. We must fight back.


I won’t bore you with the rest of the article which reads as an anti-Republican screed and bashes billionaires for wanting to keep their money.

But while Sanders is throwing around terms like “global oligarchy” and shaming businessmen for making money, Sanders is ignoring two things.

For one, Sanders’ anti-oligarchy rhetoric seems to ignore the fact that he himself is suggesting an oligarchy be set up here in the U.S. by which to dictate who gets what wealth, who pays who how much, and so on. While many look at Democratic Socialism as a means by which the people control what happens, this is a flat-out lie. I don’t see many wealthy business owners who worked hard getting too much of a say in the “people’s government of Sanderstan.

Sanders himself wants to jack up tax rates anywhere from 80 to 100 percent depending who’s making what. He famously said, “nobody should earn more than $1 million.” This would require some dictatorial power over people’s finances. In order to do that, Sanders would have to rely on his trusted cabinet and his Democratic lawmakers to help implement these things through various avenues.

To me, this sounds like a small group of people controlling everyone else’s lives, and Sanders wants no oligarchies except the one he creates.


Secondly, it’s fascinating that Sanders is chastising people for money hoarding when he himself and his family are guilty of the same.

Let’s go through the list:

But wait, there’s more!

Let’s not forget that Sanders’ wife, Jane, is still under FBI investigation for bank fraud, after having secured millions of dollars under false pretenses for the now defunct college she was president of. No one has heard heads or tales of that investigation since June.

So while Sanders is all about draining swamps and sticking it to the rich, Sanders is sitting among the muck on top of piles of cash.


Sorry America, but your most beloved Senator is just another D.C. fraud.



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