"It's Okay to Be White" Flier Prank Reveals How Deeply Anti-White Racism Has Infected America

In and of itself, the phrase “It’s okay to be white” is not a racist thing to say. You could easily replace it with any other race, or even sexuality, and you would have rooms of people nodding along.


However, when fliers with the phrase began appearing on in random places in various parts of America, the left began throwing tantrums because being okay with being white is considered racism.

It all began, as most internet firestorms do, with an idea on 4Chan to purposely cause a reaction from the left. The idea was to post an innocuous message about society’s current boogieman — people with white skin — and allow the reaction to unfold from the left naturally.

The post began with a picture of the flier that simply reads “it’s okay to be white,” followed by these instructions:

Do Not Alter The Message
Do Not Alter The Flyers
Anyone Who Tries To Change Things Is A Shill
There Is No Phase 2

It’s Okay To Be White. 5 words. Simple, elegant, effective. The plan is working. Stick to the plan. There is no phase 2.

If you take part remember; print the original flyers in the pic, post them in legal areas, be aware of cameras, and get home safely.

Do not trespass. Do not Vandalize. Do not post over other signs or flyers. Do not say anything racist or provocative in the comments of news stories. We are giving the left all the rope they want and they are racing to hang themselves. The goal is to expose the media’s anti-white bias through their reaction to a harmless flyer. It is working. Stick to the plan. There is no phase 2. Anyone who suggests change is a shill.

The plan worked, and the reaction has been less than encouraging.


According to San Francisco’s CBS affiliate KPIX, UC Davis students found posters in their college and this immediately caused students to react negatively.

“Are you insinuating that people of color are saying it’s bad to be white?” asked Ales Lee, of the UC Davis Black Leadership Council. “Whoever is posting these photos, I don’t think they’re realizing how triggering these posters are for people.”

UC Davis Chancellor Gary May wrote in the California Aggie that UC Davis encourages dialogue about ideas “many find disturbing,” he added that “fliers, however, are not dialogue.”

Josh Dalavai, president of the undergraduate student association at UC Davis said it was okay to be white, then immediately added that the fliers were a “brazen appeal to white victimhood,” which is a “very primitive, very tribal, narrow-minded ideology.”

According to HuffPo, Montgomery Blair High School in Silver Spring, Maryland found the fliers in their school and sent a letter home to parents to tell them that this was “a concerted national campaign to foment racial and political tension in our school and community” in order to divide community members.

President of Concordia College in Moorhead, Minnesota, William Craft, added it’s okay to be white, but added that non-whiteness is viewed by too many as “not okay,” adding that “to be other than white is all too often to be subjected to discrimination, lack of opportunity, and even the threat and reality of violence.”


One Twitter user in Seattle got wind of the fliers and notified Black Lives Matter members and racial activists, calling the flier “disturbing,” and suggesting it be considered a “hate crime.”

The reactions go on and on.

I’ll allow you to decide whether or not the prank was in bad taste. Admittedly, there were some forms in the execution of the prank that I disagree with. However, I want to focus instead on the basic reaction by first asking a simple question.

Why was this such a big deal in the first place?

As I said previously, there is nothing in this flier that is remotely racist, and yet the positive message about whites has caused a firestorm filled with letters home to parents and committee meetings being called. If you replaced the message with “it’s okay to be black,” or “it’s okay to be gay,” you could have heard a pin drop in the proverbial room of public opinion.

This reaction highlights a simple fact that while many who reacted negatively added that it is indeed okay to be white, they still considered this simple flier a negative filled with racist intent, and worthy of derision.

In other words, in our current society, they do not at all think it’s okay to be white.


Take for instance a recent article from the New York Times by Ekow (“woke” backward) N. Yankah titled “Can My Children be Friends with White People?”

Within the article, Yankah absolutely drips with racism while accusing whites themselves of being racist due to Donald Trump’s election. Yankah’s racism stands out most with the phrase, “I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with white people is possible.”

Let’s reverse that. What if the article read “Can My Children be Friends with Black People?” What if in the middle of the article, the author wrote: “I will teach my boys to have profound doubts that friendship with black people is possible.”

Substitute that with any group. Gay, trans, Hispanic, Islamic, etc, etc, and the New York Times would have had a firestorm on their hands. The author would have been raked over the coals, the editor fired, and a public apology would have been issued by the NYT with promises that this atrocity would never happen again.

But you won’t see that. Rest assured, there is racism in America. Yes, there is racism of minority groups from pockets of people who are roundly condemned by all sides of the political spectrum.

However, when it comes to racism against whites, this is apparently okay by even mainstream standards. Universities are filthy with anti-white sentiment, and any defense of whiteness automatically is condemned as “alt-right” or “white supremacist” or “neo-Nazi.” I imagine this article will be labeled as such as well for merely dragging into the light the fact that anti-white racism is alive and well.


And for this.

Rest assured, it is, in fact, okay to be white. Like any other race, whites have our problems, struggles, highs, and lows, the same as any color of skin. Whites have financial troubles, we’re more likely to be killed by police, and as you can see, we also suffer from racism.

Furthermore, being ashamed of whiteness is a silly idea, just as it’s silly to be ashamed if you were born with black skin.

However, it’s also silly to be proud of your white skin just like it’s silly to be proud of your black skin. You might as well be proud of your green eyes, or brown hair, or anything else you were born with through no fault of your own.

Skin color is not an accomplishment, it’s just a genetic trait, and many would do well to stop looking at it as the former. Recognize racism, especially when the mob doesn’t.




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