Rand Paul Is Casting Serious Doubt on His Attacker's "Landscaping Dispute" Claim

The excuse being thrown around by the lawyer of Rand Paul’s attacker was that there was a property dispute that has been ongoing between the Kentucky senator and his neighbor Rene Boucher for years.


Thing is Boucher’s lawyer has to say that if he wants to keep his client out of jail for a very long time. If the attack was politically motivated, then Boucher — reportedly a socialist — will spend a good deal of time behind bars.

But Paul returned to the internet with an update as to his condition, but also some choice retweets that are beginning to cast doubt on Boucher’s lawyer’s claim that this was nothing but a property dispute.

Directly after this tweet, Paul tweeted out two articles. One from Breitbart titled “Rand Paul’s Neighbors Say Reports Blaming Savage Assault on ‘Landscaping Dispute’ Are Fake News,” and another from the Washington Examiner titled “Rand Paul’s neighbors rip media ‘landscaping dispute’ reports.”

Both articles reference Paul’s neighbor, Travis Creed, tossing away the idea that this was some sort of landscaping dispute out the window.

From the Examiner:

“The stories of a ‘landscaping dispute’ or a dispute of any sort between Rand Paul and Rene Boucher are erroneous and unfounded. The reason for Mr. Boucher’s bizarre attack is known only to him. Statements to the contrary are irresponsible and unnecessary,” said neighbor Travis Creed.

He added, “Speculation regarding Boucher’s motive has led to an unfair characterization of the Pauls and their home. The Pauls are and always have been great neighbors and friends. They take pride in their property and maintain it accordingly. Rand has enjoyed working on and maintaining his lawn for as long as I have known him.”


Both articles feature Paul’s neighbors speaking very highly of him, including their surprise that such a thing could happen to a neighbor that most consider very friendly and neighborly.

While nothing has been confirmed yet, it would appear that Paul may be hinting at something many have already guessed. This attack may have been motivated more by Paul’s positions at his job, and less about how he’s cutting his grass.

UPDATE: Boucher has pleaded “not guilty” to misdemeanor assault in the fourth degree at his arraignment.


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