"Science Guy" Bill Nye Got OBLITERATED During His Recent Reddit Q&A

Celebrity in a lab coat Bill Nye might be one of the most ridiculous figures to rise to prominence in our modern era. Between his near-religious fervor for the climate change agenda, to his non-scientific takes on gender, Nye’s status as “science guy” hasn’t just been thrown into question, it’s been thrown into the bin.


Nye’s scientific reputation has been so damaged that during his Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything), the man who plays a scientist on TV was raked over the coals as an unscientific fraud by many a user.

But Nye asked for it. Even the title of his AMA, “I’m Bill Nye and I’m on a quest to end anti-scientific thinking” had a smug, condescending feel to it.

While Nye did answer a few questions that had to do with scientific subjects, most were pretty softball. Questions like, “what celestial body captivates you the most,” and “if the sun is so hot, why is space so cold?” Of course, no Nye appearance would be complete without doomsday talk about climate change, which Nye gladly engaged in.

But while some people were only too happy to talk to their childhood science hero — I was a Beakman’s World kid — many didn’t appreciate the asinine character Nye had become.

“Stop pretending you’re a scientist,” said user “bpoag” in a comment that appears to have now been deleted.

The user then went into a rant that called Nye out for his unscientific background, stances, and inability to be truthful about the fact that he’s portraying a character, and is not an actual scientist.

“If I walked around in scrubs, hung a stethoscope around my neck, and called myself “Bpoag the Medicine Guy,” I would be considered a complete fraud, would I not? Even though some of my opinions and observations might be correct, I’m still not a physician…nor should I be considered one. I’m simply not qualified to speak in that realm, let alone make decisions, let alone attempt to guide public policy. Would you let your kids listen to me, and what I had to say?” wrote the user.



The deluge of Nye-deniers went on and on.

“How can you debunk anti-scientific thinking when you won’t allow scientific thinking in your show?” wrote user Rand_alThor_. “You have taken what is a mix of sociology and a few trends in psychology and presented it as scientific dogma with no room for discussion, when this is not what scientific thinking is.”

“Are you aware that biological sex does not exist on a spectrum, and it’s anti-scientific to suggest that your sex junk is so much more than either/or-or-or?” wrote user James19961996.

“You say you’re here to “end anti-scientific thinking” yet you titled your most recent book “Undeniable”. The basic foundation of scientific thought is accepting that no conclusion is “undeniable” and that everything must be constantly questioned and reevaluated as time goes on and new information comes to light,” wrote user dog_in_the_vent. “How do you reconcile these two contradictory statements?”

“Bill Nye, now that you’ve completely tarnished and destroyed any shred of your reputation with the whole Cringeworthy Sex Junk song, what’s your next step?” asked user DrWeeGee. “You have a bachelor’s degree in mechanical engineering yet parade around as the world’s superior scientist, so since that crashed and burned, will your next step be pretending to be another career path? I used to watch your show as a kid and it’s sad to see the SJW peddling you’ve been pushing. You sold out and it shows.”


Reading Nye’s AMA questions, there seemed to be more questions lashing out at Nye for his unscientific stances, and partisan activism. Needless to say, the anger is well deserved. This is the same “science guy” who argues with actual scientists, chastises networks for having people on who disagree with him, and thinks people who deny climate change should be jailed.

His public dressing down is well deserved, even if he failed to acknowledge it was happening.


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