Kim Kardashian Said the Dumbest Thing About Planned Parenthood You've Ever Heard

Kim Kardashian, star who is famous for being famous, has had a lot of dumb moments in her past, but her recent comments about Planned Parenthood take the proverbial cake.


During a preview of an upcoming episode set to air this Sunday, the Kardashians invited over Planned Parenthood representatives for an interview. Before the clip began, Kim K dropped a radioactive stupid-bomb so large that the after-effects of the explosion gave my laptop cancer.

“The perception of Planned Parenthood is that it’s this like abortion clinic,” Kim said. “That’s nothing like what it’s like.”

Cue the Billy Madison clip.

“I’m a big fan of Planned Parenthood now,” added Khloe Kardashian. “I think people need to be more educated before they form opinions, and that’s what I’m grateful that I had the opportunity to do today.”

Here’s some education, Khloe…

In Planned Parenthood’s 101 years of existence, they have killed over 7 million children, a death count higher than some of the world’s most famous wars combined.

From 2015-2016, the abortion giant killed 328,348 babies alone, primarily minority children, as Planned Parenthood likes to target black communities.

The healthcare services Planned Parenthood provides for women stops short compared to regular healthcare clinics can do, and there are a lot more regular clinics than there are Planned Parenthood. They outnumber planned parenthood clinics 20 to one, in fact.

Planned Parenthood likes to tout that abortions only make up 3 percent of its business dealings, but that has been debunked multiple times, including receiving three Pinocchios from the Washington Post, and they’re not exactly right leaning. What’s more, we can’t know the exact percentage of abortions to other services Planned Parenthood provides because it won’t release the true number necessary for the public to see.


Yet the abortion factory gets half a million dollars in funding from the government annually. Isn’t that odd? It gets even odder when you consider the fact that Planned Parenthood seems to give money exclusively to Democrat Party causes and candidates.

I realize many of us who read RedState can call out a stupid person when they see one. What should break your heart is that so many people, including millennials, believe the Kardashians to be stand up citizens who are, like, totally smart because they know business and all that noise.

I can respect business acumen, but as many in the corporate world have demonstrated, knowing how to make money doesn’t make you a possesser of common sense. The Kardashians just demonstrated that with crashing colors.


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