Facebook Labels Phil Robertson's Content as "Graphic Violence"

It’s either a commentary as to how squeamish our society has become or Facebook is just scared too many people will react negatively to Robertson’s Christian message.


Or both.

Recently, Facebook labeled a video staring “Duck Dynasty” star and future star of Conservative Review‘s “In the Woods with Phil,” Phil Robertson as “graphic violence and gore” because Robertson is seen preparing a duck he had killed for dinner.

Robertson plucks the bird over a pot as he talks about great music and Christian values, as well as how much he loves organic food straight from God’s creation. He also beheads the duck with a clean cut from a butcher’s knife.

Robertson showed the screen he received on his video and asked where people think their food comes from.

As Conservative Review points out, the video is currently unembeddable from Robertson’s page. You can still view it complication free at CR’s Facebook page, however…for now.

Robertson also hit the “coastal elites” on Twitter for good measure.


Undoubtedly, many people reported Roberton’s video as violent the moment it hit. Robertson, being an enthusiastic Christian has made him a target in the past. In 2013, A&E suspended Robertson from his own show after he called homosexuality a sin.

While some may have actually considered the duck being prepared as graphically violent, watching the video you can see that there’s nothing disgusting there, and you’ve probably seen worse in a movie or television show.

It’s Roberton’s message they don’t want heard, not the duck cleaning they don’t want seen.


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