Watch: CNN's Ridiculous "Apple" Ad Gets Trolled by Response Video from Ben Shapiro

If you haven’t seen the most ridiculous, un-self-aware video you’ll likely see all week, then allow me to present…

…CNN’s Apple Banana.


The point CNN is trying to make with this video is that they’re super duper truth seekers filled with a great and true truthiness. They finish the the video with the tagline “Facts First” just so you really get the gist of just how committed they are to verity.

If you’re laughing right now, you’re not alone.

The same network that told us, peasants, that looking at the 2016 Wikileaks documents was illegal but was okay for CNN to do it are all about the facts. The network that tried to tell everyone that the Alexandria shooter was using a fully automatic Chinese variant of the AK-47 is all about the truth.

Don’t even get me started about Trump/Russia connections.

But if there’s one person who knows all about CNN calling apples “bananas” it’s Daily Wire Editor Ben Shapiro. During a CNN/HLN debate about transgenderism, Zoe Tur threatened to physically harm Shapiro after he called out the fact that despite Tur’s surgery, he was still a man.


This threat was answered with a negative response from the CNN attendees, not toward Tur, but Shapiro who was being “rude.”

In the memory of that event, the Daily Wire decided to create their own video pointing out that some people might want to call a man a woman, but it’s still a man.

If CNN wins worst video of the day, then Daily Wire wins the best.


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