Catholic University May Disband Student Group for Holding Catholic Beliefs

A Catholic student group at Georgetown University is being threatened with defunding and becoming unrecognized as official after students at the college labeled them a “hate group” for stating their belief in traditional marriage.


According to the Catholic News Agency, the student group Love Saxa will be attending a hearing on Monday to defend itself from social justice busybodies who have labeled the group with the evilest label they have in their social justice arsenal…”intolerant.”

From CNA:

The Hoya, Georgetown’s student newspaper, reported on Oct. 20 that Love Saxa, a student organization promoting Catholic doctrine regarding marriage, will undergo a Student Activities Commission hearing on Oct. 23, to defend itself against charges that the group fosters hatred and intolerance. The hearing is a response to a petition filed by a student-senator in the Georgetown University Student Association, and supported by leaders of gay pride student organizations at Georgetown.

What’s more, the attacks on Love Saxa seemed to be a purposeful blitz meant to take Christian student group as unprepared as possible. The CNA received the official notice of its hearing only on the 19th. Love Saxa filed its own petition to delay the hearing in order to sufficiently mount a defense against the charges. The student group also says it hasn’t received a copy of the petition that labeled them as a hate group.

If the hearing goes through, and the SJW brigade has their way, then the consequences may mean the end of the group.

It all started when Love Saxa President, Amerlia Irvine told The Hoya on Sept. 6 that marriage  “we believe that marriage is a conjugal union on every level – emotional, spiritual, physical and mental – directed toward caring for biological children. To us, marriage is much more than commitment of love between two consenting adults.”


Leaders of gay pride student organizations claimed this was “homophobic,” and that it violated university standards.

According to the Georgetown Student Organization Standards, “Groups will not be eligible for access to benefits if their purpose or activities … foster hatred or intolerance of others because of their race, nationality, gender, religion, or sexual preferences.”

From the given quote by Irvine, it would appear that no homophobic slur or phrase was uttered. The only group fostering “hatred or intolerance of others” is the gay pride groups currently attacking Love Saxa for their religious beliefs.

If that is the case, then perhaps Georgetown – a Catholic University who understands the positions of the Christian student group — should be looking at the gay pride student organizations as deserving of the sanctions, not Love Saxa.

(h/t: Daily Caller)


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