Watch: Woman Freed from ISIS Control in Raqqa Celebrates by Ripping off Mandated Clothing

Special moments like these show what real oppression of women looks like.

Footage posted Saturday by the People’s Defense Unite of a woman freed from terrorist control from the former ISIS stronghold of Raqqa shows her almost delirious with joy as she celebrates the capture of the city by U.S. backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).


According to the Times of Israel, the woman is shouting praises toward the Kurdish soldiers, thanking them, hugging them, and offering prayers along with her family. The footage then cuts to the woman ripping off her abaya — a loose black garment women were required to wear by ISIS, a symbol of their oppression of women — and throwing it away with the help of one of the Kurdish women soldiers.

The awful treatment of women by ISIS cannot be understated. Under their tyrannical theocratic control, ISIS mercilessly punished women in brutal ways for infractions as little as exposing their chin to eat food. Learning how to read or write could lead to their death and genital mutilation was not uncommon.

This woman was not only celebrating her freedom from oppression but freedom for her children as well. Her daughter may now be able to learn things we here in the states take completely for granted, and her son won’t be used as a soldier for one of the most terrible terrorist groups the world has ever seen.

The Times of Israel reported that there are around 300 ISIS fighters left within Raqqa. Jihan Sheikh Ahmed, SDF spokeswoman said these fighters can either “surrender or die.”



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