Report: Top Abortion Clinic Paying Bonuses to Staffers Convincing Women to Have Abortions

A top UK abortion clinic at the Maidstone branch of Marie Stopes International was discovered by the British Care Quality Commission watchdog group to be encouraging staffers to make sure women followed through with abortion procedures when they came in by offering bonuses for each abortion performed.


According to The Sun, the investigation took place in July of 2016 but is only now being made public, but the disgusting methods undertaken to push abortions at the clinic had disgruntled former employees referring to the clinic as a “cattle market.”

From The Sun:

Staff told inspectors that their performance was measured against Key Performance Indicators and were concerned that these indicators included ‘Did Not Proceed.’

This meant that if a patient decided not to go through with an abortion, this decision would be linked to the staff member’s performance bonus.

The report states: “They (staff) felt that this encouraged staff to ensure that patients underwent abortions.

“Staff were also concerned that the pressurised environment and linking of KPIs to performance bonuses meant that there was a culture that worked against patient choice.”

Reports indicate that those who refused an abortion were often called by the clinic at a later date in an attempt to schedule an appointment for an abortion later on.


According to inspectors, the clinic also had no up to date guidance on how to handle child sexual exploitation.

“The safeguarding procedures at MSI Maidstone were not sufficient to protect patients, particularly children, from the risk of abuse,” read the report.

According to The Sun, this is not the first time Marie Stopes International has had a horrific story come out about it. In 2016, inspectors had to intervene when the abortion clinic attempted to perform an abortion on a woman with “learning disabilities” without her consent.

Inspectors also found that aborted babies were left in open trash cans around one clinic.

(h/t: DailyWire)



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