Poll: Nearly Half of Voters Believe Media Makes Up Stories About Trump

The people’s distrust in the media is so bad that they don’t believe the media is wholly honest about the stories they report about President Donald Trump. In fact, the distrust in the media is so bad, half of the voters believe it just makes up stories about him.


And it’s not just Republicans.

A Politico/Morning Consult poll revealed that 46 percent believe the media fabricates stories about Trump, while 37 percent believe everything they hear out of their television or internet browser.

The fun part about this poll is that this 46 percent isn’t just made up of Republicans, but Democrats and Independents too:

Among Democrats, one-in-five think the media make up stories, but a 65 percent majority think they do not. Forty-four percent of independent voters think the media make up stories about Trump, and 31 percent think they do not.

Their suspicion of the media isn’t necessarily out of line. The media has been trumpeting Trump/Russa collusion stories since he was voted into office, and so far haven’t been able to produce much. Meanwhile, serious collusion has been found between Obama, the Clintons, and Russia in regards to our nuclear industry, but the media hasn’t done much in the way of raising outrage about that.

Recently, a senior New York Times editor was caught admitting they were trying to help Trump lose the 2016 election.

As Newsbusters points out, this isn’t the first poll to reveal the public’s distrust in the media:

This isn’t the only poll this year that reveals Americans increasing distrust of the media. Back in June, two polls revealed similar results. A Rasmussen poll found “76 percent of Republicans and 51 percent of voters not affiliated with either major political party believed most reporters are biased against the president” while 24 percent of Democrats agreed the media held an anti-Trump bias.

Another poll from Yougov.com revealed that while 85% of Republicans believed the media’s reporting was influenced by who funds or owns them, 1 in 2 Democrats also believed the media was partial to its financial backers. More importantly, the YouGov pollsters found that “the general public sides more with Republicans than it does with Democrats on the topic of media bias.”


How this will affect the news media in the future remains to be seen, but the days of trying to hide behind a mask of non-partisan, unbiased reporting are falling away. The NYT, WaPo, et al cannot write an obviously partisan story in a day and age when 50 blogs, 20 YouTube commentators, and a million Twitter accounts can call out the BS and fill in the blanks the MSM left out.


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