This Is the Hilariously Dumb Melania Conspiracy Theory You've Been Waiting For

Making the rounds in the crazy town of Conspiracyville, is the new idea that the Donald and Melania Trump are so unhappy in their marriage that Donny boy’s better half refuses to appear on camera with him. Thus, the president needs a body double of his beloved bride to appear next to him when he’s in front of a camera.


The theory began due to a press interview with Melania standing right next to him. The First Lady is seen wearing large sunglasses as if to hide the majority of her face. Soon, the internet’s conspiracy squad lept into action, dissecting the images and photos like it was a bad episode of CSI.

Clearly, these social media Sherlocks are onto something, becaues the hashtag #FakeMelania appeared on Twitter, and as of this writing, the Melania conspiracy theory is currently trending at the top of US Twitter. This, of course, has provided us with some pretty great responses.


The internet’s conspiracy squad have struck in a similarly ridiculous manner before. During the 2016 elections, shortly after a collapsing Clinton practically carried into a van, she emerged later from Chelsea’s New York apartment looking healthy and spry.

But it was a little too healthy and spry for some internet sleuths, and soon the conspiracies began to fly about a Clinton body double.

Stupid conspiracy theories aside, I would like to congratulate Steven Tyler on all his free press today.


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