NFL Kneelers Go Full SJW as They Now Protest the Debunked "Gender Wage Gap"

Buffalo Bills players take a knee during the national anthem prior to an NFL football game against the Denver Broncos, Sunday, Sept. 24, 2017, in Orchard Park, N.Y. (AP Photo/Jeffrey T. Barnes)

As with everyone who embraces social justice causes, the inborn intersectionality that dominates radical leftist activism demands you include fighting issues outside of your original cause. This even means including issues that have been repeatedly debunked.


According to the Hill, the NFL kneelers — so called because they take a knee whenever the anthem starts playing in a display of disrespect toward the country that helped them achieve riches and fame — are now including the “gender pay gap” in their list of reasons why they kneel.

From The Hill:

CNN contributor and former NFL receiver Donté Stallworth said Saturdaythe NFL kneeling protests are also about the “gender pay gap” and “housing discrimination” in addition to police brutality toward minorities and racism.

The former Saints and Eagles star said during an interview on CNN with anchor Ana Cabrera that, “The No. 1 stated goal was to bring awareness to a lot of these issues and again, it’s a broad spectrum of issues. Again, it’s not just police brutality and community policing.

“It’s also, again from what I’m hearing from players directly involved in these talks, they’re telling me it’s also about the gender pay gap, it’s also about housing discrimination, they have so many things that they are interested in and advocating for and they want the NFL to take ownership in and help be able to use the NFL’s platform,” Stallworth added.

If they are protesting the gender pay gap, they should understand that they’re protesting a Loch Ness Monster. There are blurry photos of it swimming in the water, but despite repeated attempts to prove a gender wage gap exists, no one can provide actual evidence that the monster is alive and well. Instead, they take hearsay and loose evidence and make it a big part of the victim industry.


Allow me to repeat myself from May of 2016 when celebrities were attempting to press the mythical wage gap issue then.

This is, of course, a falsehood. Everyone from the Wall Street Journal, to Forbes, to Feminists themselves have debunked the wage gap as a myth generated by bad math and worse statistics. I’ll save you the explanation that I’ve written and talked about numerous times before, but the punchline is that women get less because of the life choices they make, and not because they play for team Fallopia.

In short, it’s an earning gap, not a wage gap. This apparently hasn’t yet reached the high halls of the glitterati, where Jennifer Lawrence earns more money than anyone, save Iron Man.

Interestingly, there is a pay injustice happening toward women, and it’s coming from the NFL itself. As Ed Morrissey points out, some cheerleaders are paid around $100 a game. While their jobs don’t warrant nearly the same pay the NFL players make, these women put in a lot of work and effort into being fit, learning dance moves, and being part of the team. That’s a lot of work to earn that little.

While I’d be completely happy to see cheerleaders earn more, the social justice advocacy that is currently infecting one of America’s favorite forms of escapism is something very few people wish to see, whether they care about the causes or not. They especially aren’t fond of the way the players disrespect the country.


This is evidenced by the fact that we are seeing double-digit drops in the NFL’s ratings. Even DirecTV is issuing refunds for NFL ticket packages to angry customers who signed up for sports, not politics.

If we see NFL players arriving with neon blue hair, complaining about the patriarchy, and encouraging us to read their Tumblr blogs about cultural appropriation we’ll know the sport is lost. In the meantime, maybe we can look to Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones as a guide on how the NFL should be handling the situation.



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