Soros Paid for Study to Learn Why White Working Class Abandoned Clinton - It's the Culture, Stupid

The radical left’s favorite sugar daddy, George Soros, still can’t seem to wrap his head around Hillary Clinton’s loss in the 2016 presidential elections. In order to get a better idea, the billionaire paid for a study to be conducted regarding why white people didn’t come to Clinton’s side, despite the fact that Donald Trump was consistently less popular in the polls.


The study, titled “The Other America: White Working-Class Views on Belonging, Change, Identity, and Immigration” gave the billionaire some valuable info into why the white working class rejected Hillary. For the longer explanation on the study’s findings, I recommend you visit the Daily Caller, and read their article.

However, I can easily break it down to you by simply pointing out a simple fact:

It’s the culture, stupid.

A study conducted back in May by the Public Religion Research Institute pointed out the fact that besides party loyalty, the white working class voted for Trump because they didn’t like the culture the left was offering — or more accurately trying to shove down our collective throats. In fact, in both the Soros study and the PRRI study, the phrase “I feel like a stranger in my own country” was a common sentiment.

And why shouldn’t it be? Within the left, radicalization has become the mainstream, even to the point where leftist leaders like Elizabeth Warren feel like the reason they lost was that they weren’t radical enough. This radicalization has caused massive problems within our society that have resulted in everything from the creation of pariahs out of the innocent to actual violence.

Radical feminism had all but eliminated due process on college campuses, creating unfair rules that make men guilty until proven innocent, and sometimes guilty regardless of that innocence being proven. It turned the male sex into a villainous cabal guilty of societal control through the openly sinister — but still somehow shadowy — “patriarchy.” It turned masculinity into a dangerous vice instead of a natural gift that men possess that compliments its opposite, the feminine.


Radical LGBT sentimentality has made it a crime to misgender anyone, and made have attempted to force “re-education” programs on those who won’t break from their religious beliefs to kowtow to their wishes.

Radical college students will destroy property and commit violence just to prevent someone with a different viewpoint from speaking. Racially driven identity radicals will do the same because a police officer shot a black criminal.

I could go on, but a quick glance at the media’s daily attacks on western culture could easily prove my point. The left is little more than identity politics, class warfare, self-victimization, excused violence, state dependency, and anti-western sentiment. It’s an ideology that sees the destruction of the American way of life — the method and tradition of individuality and hard work that built the greatest society the world has yet seen — and nods approvingly.

Why would anyone in the white working class want that? Why would anyone outside the radicalized groups want that period?

To add some “umph” to the study, it should be noted that while the study focused on white working class people, very rarely did “whiteness” ever come to the forefront as a focus. As the Daily Caller points out, their race was a secondary idea and not the focus, unlike the racial focus that dominates so much of leftist politics.


The answer is easy. White’s weren’t scared of losing whiteness, they were scared of losing America. Scared of losing a hard work ethic, and a cultural freedom of thought. Of having a solid community bond that comes without preconditions, and a life lived without having to walk on cultural eggshells.

What these studies are telling Soros, is that Americans don’t want Soros.


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