Rand Paul Squashes the Idea that Trump's New Healthcare Order Will Hurt the Poor

Republican Kentucky Senator Rand Paul has been pushing for a plan that would allow people to come together to form groups and purchase insurance plans across state lines. The free market approach, according to Paul, would encourage insurance companies to compete for these groups, giving people more choice, and reducing costs.


On Thursday, Paul got his wish after President Donald Trump singed an executive order allowing this kind of plan to happen. According to Paul, he and the president had been working on the plan for months, and the order is now the first step to a real repeal and replacement of Obamacare.

But detractors have already begun lambasting the bill for disadvantaging low-income households and individuals. Paul dismissed the idea on Fox and Friends on Friday morning.

According to Paul, the ability for many low-income workers to come together to form a group represented by one person would give the power to the consumer, allowing many who can’t afford good insurance plans on their own to become a pile of accumulated money that can.

Paul said that this kind of group plan “requires no discrimination,” and “protects against pre-existing conditions,” since the coverage would be the same kind you get at big corporations. Corporations do not refuse you employment because you have a pre-existing condition, or fire you because you get sick.


Paul explained that his plan that was enacted on Thursday allows individuals to have the same purchasing power as corporations, essentially putting purchasing power into the hands of the people.

Paul aslo appeared on the Sean Hannity Show and sang the praises of Trump and the executive order. According to Paul, now that the plan was in place, millions of people either unable or unwilling to participate in Obamacare will now have access to low-cost healthcare options.

Paul said the new healthcare option has “the potential to be amazing.”

“Millions of people are going to choose it and it doesn’t force people to do anything,” Paul said. “My plan today that the president enacted costs zero.”




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