People are Good: Citizens Flood to Las Vegas Blood Banks to Give Blood to Victims

After the atrocity that occurred in Las Vegas on Sunday Night, when 64-year-old Stephen Paddock opened fire on a crowd of concert goers, Las Vegas citizens are already lining up to help their fellow Americans.


According to reports, people are already forming lines out of the door to donate blood to the victims of Sunday night’s shooting, of which over 50 are reported dead, and more than 500 are injured.

Yasmeen Hassan of KTNV tweeted a photo of people already lining up at the blood bank before the sun rose at the United Blood Service.

The lines only grew as the sun rose. Bridgette Bennete, photographer for Review Journal reported that at 6:40 am, the line was already forming around the block.

Reporter for Review Journal, Briana Erickson reported that the wait times at United Blood Services were two to three hours, and those who had arrived around 3 AM were only being able to donate at 9 AM, when she posted the tweet.


The Whitney Ranch blood bank is also seeing long lines.

As is the one in West Charleston.

This video from Aj Sanchez shows just how long the line at one of the blood banks actually is.

As soon as authorities began making comments about the shooting, they were asking citizens to give blood. The Sheriff’s Department has been taking to social media to ask for blood as well.


The city of Las Vegas has also been directing those who can help to locations where they might be able to donate blood.

With injury numbers reaching these kinds of heights, every drop of blood counts. If you are in the area and can donate blood, here are locations you can help.



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