Pelosi Calls Dreamers a "Constituency," Applauds Illegal Immigrants Bringing Children to US

Fresh off getting chased out of a press conference by pro-amnesty activists, House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi is still prostrating herself at the feet of the Dreamer crowd.


During her weekly press conference on Wednesday, Pelosi — a lawmaker — said that illegal immigrant parents “did a great thing” by bringing their children to the U.S., despite it being against the law to do so.

“These families did a great thing for our country bringing these kids here, who are working, who are in the military, who are in school, who are a brilliant part of our future,” said Pelosi.

Pelosi said she’s still at odds with the mob that raided her press conference with Reps. Barbara Lee and Jared Huffman on Monday.

“While I respect the concerns of the people who came to our meeting, we are not in a situation where we can say all or none,” said Pelosi. “We have to save the Dreamers now.”

Pelosi then called the Dreamers — illegal immigrants brought into the states as children — as a “constituency.”

“The constituency is there for our country,” added Pelosi. “It’s success will lead to other success.”


To refresh the noggin, “constituency” means a body of voters with the power to elect a representative in government. Illegal immigrants do not have the power to vote in our country.

So why is Pelosi cheering on illegal immigrants who illegally bring their children into the U.S., and calling people who don’t have the right to vote a “constituency?”

The wording could be understood if she were merely looking forward to having bought the votes of many illegals-turned-legal at the stroke of a pen she’s helping hold. However, in conjunction with applauding illegal immigrants for bringing their children here in defiance of U.S. law, calling illegal immigrants a “constituency” seems very anti-law.




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