Watch: Trans Activist Attacks 60-Year-Old Woman for Filming Protest

Maria MacLachlan, a 60-year-old woman from the UK was violently attacked by a male trans activist as she was filming a protest.

According to the Daily Wire, the attack took place at a relocated event on Wednesday:


A scheduled forum on gender and the 2004 Gender Recognition Act set to take place Wednesday night was initially cancelled due to “safety reasons,” according to New Cross Learning, the host of the event. A number of trans activists posted threats against “TERFs” (Trans-Exclusionary Radical Feminists) online before the forum.

The discussion, which included guest speakers Miranda Yardley, a writer who identifies as transsexual, and Dr. Julia Long, a lesbian feminist, was eventually relocated but was cut short due to the protest outside the event, where MacLachlan was assaulted.

As you can see in the video below, a male trans activist in camo first attempts to make a grab at MacLachlan’s camera. A scuffle breaks out over the device, which is seized from the woman and thrown to to the ground.

As the scuffle continues, the trans activist in camo runs over and begins to throw punches, striking the 60-year-old woman repeatedly.

The man in the video who was throwing the sissiest punches ever seen is likely Tara Flik Wood, who had posted earlier that he was looking to “f**k some terfs up.”

MacLachlan told the Daily Wire that the trans activists were accusing the feminists of attacking them before they struck. MacLachlan was trying to get answers about who was attacking them to no avail before she was struck herself.


“Nobody was attacking anybody but they were obviously trying to intimidate us,” she said. “As I was filming I asked them, ‘Who’s attacking?’ They had no answer of course, they just increased their volume, so I asked again and again and then suddenly some kid in a hoodie ran past me and tried to knock the camera out of my hand but it was attached to a loop round my wrist so he came back at me, I think trying to get my camera. I was determined not to let him get my camera and I was also terrified that my glasses were going to get broken because then I wouldn’t be able to see. I don’t remember much else except that somehow I ended up on the ground and it felt like a few of them were punching and kicking me and it seemed to last forever but I guess it was just a few seconds.”

MacLachlan walked away with some bruising to her face.





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