Why Are We Still Giving Billions of Taxpayer Dollars to Colleges That Spit on American Values?

This March 2, photo shows Middlebury College students protesting a planned lecture by writer Charles Murray, who some have called a white nationalist. Hundreds of students turned their back before Murray was to start his lecture and chanted forcing the school to move the talk to an undisclosed location.

Ben Shapiro, the most popular conservative commentator is set to give a speech at Berkeley, California, tomorrow, and the mainstream media outlets would have you think a hurricane is about to wipe the town out.


The LA Times told its readers that Berkeley is “bracing” for Shapiro’s speech on Thursday. At first I thought the headline was a bit sensationalist, and an over the top commentary about Shapiro’s penchant for riling up leftist crowds whenever he stands behind a podium.

But then I began thinking that the LA Times used accurate phrasing. Berkeley really was bracing for a core shaking impact similar to what the crew of the USS Enterprise experiences every time a Klingon sneezes at it.

This bracing is necessary because The University of California at Berkeley is a rat’s nest of radical leftist groups that have no problem destroying property, and violently attacking people that they suspect of being guilty of wrong-think. The very threat of Shapiro’s appearance has set off a chain reaction that has good chance of ending with violent mobs doing what violent mobs do.

We already saw what happened when Milo Yiannopolous was going to show up. If you need a reminder, watch this short news report below.

Likewise, Ann Coulter had to withdraw her scheduled speech at Berkeley in April due to threats of violence. If the riot caused by Yiannopolous was any indication, these threats were not idle.


But Shaprio seems to have no intention of withdrawing his scheduled speech regardless of threats. Furthermore, it was announced that Coulter and Yiannoplous will be returning to participate in Berkeley’s “free speech week” with none other than Steve Bannon in tow.

I don’t know if insurance companies sell “riot insurance,” but I suggest Berkeley residents look into it.

This lunacy isn’t just contained to Berkeley either. SJW students at Evergreen State College basically held the school’s president hostage, patrolled the college with baseball bats and batons, and forced a professor to hold class off campus for his own safety after he refused to take part in racial segregation.

I could go on, but you’ve likely seen consistent news reports from various institutions of higher learning yourself. This college refuses to fly the American flag because Trump is President. That university is caving to student demands for racial segregation. It never ends.

What should really bother us all is that we are paying for all of this to happen. Not in terms of our country suffering from this idiocy — though we are — I mean we’re literally paying for it.

According to the American Institute for Research, taxpayers shell out between $8,000 to $100,000 in subsidies for every person that walks across the stage with a bachelors degree. Fox News reported that many private ivy league schools rake in tens of billions in taxpayer dollars. Far more than student tuition brings in.


According to Berkeley, it received well over half a billion dollars alone from state and federal government sources.

The amount of money we throw at colleges is gross enough, but the fact that these colleges are using that money to raise soldiers against the very rights they enjoy is beyond ridiculous.

On top of that, it’s useless. Today’s college graduates leave with degrees that — even if not in a completely useless field like gender studies — do not help them obtain careers.

College grads today, with all their education, are behind what their parents were at their age. They work minimum wage jobs as they wait for the same job everyone else is going for to open up. To make it worse, they’re drowning in student debt.

Americans are currently paying to send kids to universities and colleges that teach them to hate the taxpayers, become fragile victims, and turn into violent radicals. All this in the pretense of handing them a degree that will help them get jobs, but in truth, aren’t worth the paper the degrees are printed on.

So why are we still shelling out billions of dollars our country desperately needs — I’ll remind you we just topped $20 trillion in debt and are outspending our GDP — to allow guilty institutions to create a useless workforce that believes this country and its residents to be evil? Why are we giving money to places that teach, encourage, or enable the use violence to trample on people’s constitutional rights?


If a private college or university wishes to teach that kind of garbage, then fine, just do it without reaching into my wallet. The market (i.e. the American people) can decide whether or not that kind of “education” is worth the cash. If the financial situation of the universities who have embraced social justice, and anti-constitutionalism are any indication, Americans are already showing they’re clearly not interested.



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