Planned Parenthood and the Satanic Temple Are Working Together to Make Abortions Easier in Missouri

Abortion goliath Planned Parenthood is in bed with the Satanic Temple in order to combat Missouri’s ever tightening abortion restrictions in one of the most appropriate pairings in human history.

Planned Parenthood’s long battle to keep abortion clinics in the state of Missouri are finding success after Supreme Court rulings overturned restrictions that forced the clinics to get admitting privileges at nearby hospitals, and keep their clinics up to surgical center standards.

Until that time, Planned Parenthood was down to one abortion clinic in the state. Now they’ve reportedly opened another, with another two on the way, all thanks to the Satanic Temple’s assistance.

The Satanic Temple helped by actively combating Missouri’s 72 hour wait and education requirements by claiming that the rules interfered with a Satanists religious freedoms.

According to Slate, the Satanic Temple first got involved in 2015 when a satanist only going by “Mary” claimed that her religion believes her body to be “inviolable,” and thus any interference in her attempting to kill her baby is a strike against her freedoms. A judge tossed out the case in 2016 due to “Mary” no longer being pregnant, but the principle behind the Temple’s attempt at trolling the law remained.

Since then, the Satanic Temple has used this religious freedom argument to help keep abortion clinics in the state of Missouri open, and did so on Monday much to Planned Parenthood’s delight.