Berkeley Antifa Ignorantly Tries to Paint Ben Shapiro as a Fascist Trump Loving Thug

Antifa members at University of California’s Berkeley campus have prepared a message for Conservative commentator Ben Shapiro, calling him — somewhat hilariously — a fascist intellectual Trump supporting thug.

Shapiro is set to give a speech on the Berkeley campus next Thursday. According to flyers posted around campus by Berkeley’s “Refuse Fascism” group, they are holding a rally at the same time as Shapiro’s speech for “a people’s speak out against white supremacy, misogyny, xenophobia, and fascism.”

According to the flyer, the problem isn’t with “campus thuggery” where people are literally beaten bloody for their opposing viewpoints, it’s “intellectual thuggery,” or as the rest of us call it, “facts.”

“No Ben Shapiro: The Problem is NOT ‘Campus Thuggery’ The Problem is Fascist Intellectual Thuggery in the service of the Trump/Pence Fascist Regime,” says the flyer.

“Shapiro is coming to campus to spread ugly fascist views dressed up in slick-talking ‘intellectual’ garb,” says the flyer.

“Beneath his ‘reasonable’ tone lies Shapiro’s real thuggery,” said the flyer, adding that Shapiro “along with fascists of many stripes, have targeted Berkeley because reversing Berkeley’s radical history would be a major advance for the consolidation of fascism on campuses everywhere and throughout society.”

The Berkeley Antifa group argues that Shapiro should not be given a platform for his “fascist” views because fascism already has the largest platform in the U.S., the White House.

The problem is that Shapiro is not only an opponent of actual fascism, he never voted for Trump, and remains one of the president’s loudest critics. But that’s just me engaging in intellectual thuggery.

“It’s always fascinating to be called a fascist by actual fascists who think speech is violence. I’m glad these people want to exercise their right to protest,” Shapiro told Campus Reform.

“That’s America!” he added. “But the suggestion that anyone who disagrees is therefore a ‘fascist’ and must be shut down—the link between this group and Antifa is well-established—demonstrates who the true fascists are.”

And Shapiro is correct. Antifa groups such as “Refuse Fascism” are known for shutting down unapproved speech, and practicing violence on those who dare express “wrong-think.”

Antifa groups have been known to justify this violence by classifying any speech that doesn’t fall in line with their rigorous ideological stances as “hate speech” that encourages violence against other groups. Their answer is to use violence and destruction as a method of silencing this “hate speech,” which could be as innocuous as “I disagree with your method of hurting people to silence them.”

Antifa believes in the power of violence so much that after the events of Charlottesville, Virginia, various Antifa websites began calling for more battles in the street.

(h/t: Campus Reform)

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