Dennis Rodman has offered to save us from Kim Jong Un's wrath

Kim Jong Un’s BFF, former NBA star and current karaoke cohort of Kim’s, Dennis Rodman, has offered to act as an emissary on behalf of President Donald Trump in order to help cool tensions between Washington and Pyonyang.


“For me to go over there and see (Kim) as much as I have, I basically hang out with him all the time. We laugh, we sing karaoke, we do a lot of cool things together. We ride horses, we hang out, we go skiing, we hardly ever talk politics and that’s the good thing,” Rodman told Piers Morgan on Good Morning Britain.

Rodman told Good Morning Britain that he hopes to convince both leaders to sit down in a room together and actually hash out their differences without spokespeople or news reports. He added that starting a dialogue might open up some doors.

While Rodman said he and Kim are bros, the Double Team star clarified that he’s not defending Kim’s recent poking of the American bear, nor the Kim regime’s brutal dictatorship over the North Korean people. Rodman said he’s “an ambassador for sports,” but regardless, just wants to bring peace between his friends, the North Korean Eric Cartman and real-life Biff Tannen.


“I don’t love (Kim). I just want to try to straighten things out for everyone to get along together,” said Rodman.

Rodman last went to North Korea to visit Kim in June, where he gave a copy of Trump’s “The Art of the Deal” to North Korean Sports Minister Kim Il Guk. Trump was Rodman’s “boss” for two seasons of Celebrity Apprentice.

Asked if Trump knew of Rodman’s diplomatic mission to the rogue communist state, the NBA hall-of-famer said  “well, I’m pretty sure he’s pretty much happy with the fact that I’m over here trying to accomplish something that we both need.”


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