Why Do Hispanics Fleeing Foreign Countries Vote for the Same Policies That Caused Them to Flee?

Gloria Alverez is the author of The Populist Deception, and a Guatemalan resident, and works throughout Latin America. Judging by some of her stances, the experience has made her a Libertarian.


Furthermore, it’s given Alvarez a pretty positive view of America.

Seeing the difference between the countries she grew up around, and the United States, Alvarez began looking at the voting habits of hispanic immigrants that came to the US. They would support socialistic policies, leftist politicians, and Democratic agendas. For Alvarez, this makes no sense. Clearly, the policies implemented in the countries these immigrants have run away from are the very reason they ran away in the first place.

It’s a question Alvarez teamed up with PragerU to ask to a large audience. In their new video, Alvarez doesn’t address conservatives, libertarians, or fans of the channel. She focuses on immigrants both legal and not, and points out that they reason they came to America was for economic opportunity…not free stuff.

More importantly, she also points out that the policies that took those economic opportunities from them in their home country are not going to do well in the United States either, and voting those policies into fruition will only land them back in the same place they were before.

Furthermore, just to make sure the message got across, Alvarez makes the video twice. Once in English, and once in Spanish. Be sure to spread these videos around!

Watch the English version here:

And the Spanish version here:


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