Evan McMullin's Recent Q&A Shows That There's Still Someone In the Race Worth Voting For

Evan McMullin's Recent Q&A Shows That There's Still Someone In the Race Worth Voting For

Independent candidate for President, Evan McMullin, recently held an AMA (Ask Me Anything) on Reddit, and he proved once again that there’s still a glimmer of principle left in a race where sensibility and reason left long ago. While flooded with questions, what answers McMullin could give during the time he was allowed were direct, honest, and realistic. Three things many voters have been starved to hear for some time. He even let his wit shine through a few times.

If you’d like to view the entire AMA, you can do so by following the link here, but here are some of the highlights I found particularly interesting.

One user asked McMullin what the difference between he and Trump was, to which McMullin responded…

There are so many so it’s hard to just name one…so I’ll name a few…first of all, Donald Trump does not believe that all men and women are created equal and I do. Trump also admires authoritarians and dictators and I strongly oppose them. He also believe in a large, centralized federal government, whereas I believe power in Washington should be returned to the states and directly to the people. I’ve also accepted the fact that I am bald. 😉

To both Republican apostates and Libertarians, this is a huge plus for Evan. The concept of Federalism is something that this election season has been dangerously lacking, with only two candidates continuously giving support to the idea. Furthermore, the idea that McMullin carries of “equality” is not the kind continuously being pushed by pop-culture. It’s grounded in the concept that was originally intended, that we’re created equal, and have the ability to become more, no matter who we are.

Another question was asked about how McMullin would handle the situation in Syria. As an ex-CIA operative, McMullin had some real world insight to offer.

It’s a complicated crisis of course, but we must start by recognizing that Bashar al-Assad’s industrial scale slaughter of Syrian civilians has created the environment in which ISIS is thriving in Syria and it has been the core cause of the refugee crisis as well. In response, I think we should work with the international community to support friendly regional forces on the ground, create safe zones in the north and south, and in doing so, weaken Assad on the battlefield. THEN, we should use that leverage to negotiate his departure from Syria. I also think we should paint the entire country with full-spectrum radar so that we can see exactly where and when Assad and the Russians are dropping bombs on civilians. Then I think we should publish that information for the world to see.

While I found his tactical prowess interesting, it’s the last part that really caught my eye. McMullin’s plan isn’t just to combat Assad and ISIS, it’s to utilize intelligence to make sure the world is fully aware of what’s going on. He’s not just into using military might, but global education against our enemies.

Upon being asked about Roe v Wade, and his stances about it, McMullin gave this response…

I am pro-life, and I would like to see Roe v. Wade overturned. I would appoint Supreme Court Justices who are originalists, like Justice Scalia. But I don’t think we can just oppose Roe v. Wade and declare ourselves pro-life. I think we need look at ways to reduce unwanted pregnancies because that will decrease the number of people even seeking abortions. I also think that our poverty assistance programs are failing, which causes many women to seed abortions out of economic need. We need anti-poverty measures that help lift people out of poverty and help them take care of their children.

In one answer we see just where his intentions lie in both the abortion issue, and his Supreme Court plans. McMullin plans to not just be an enemy of Roe v Wade, but the destroyer of it. I like, though, that he doesn’t want to just overturn a law that pro-lifers despise, he wants to undercut the inspiration for having abortions.

While there were others, I found his plans for the future particularly interesting. While McMullin is definitely set to do some damage, he will likely not win. This was addressed by one user, and McMullin didn’t shy away from the question.

Thank you for your support. We are going to fight until the end, but if we do not win, Mindy Finn (my running mate) and my team believe that it’s time for a new conservative movement that is dedicated to the equality and personal liberty of all Americans. We’re already building that and what comes next isn’t yet clear (perhaps a new party). Those are the things I think about most…it’s possible that as a part of all of that, I would run again, but I’m just not sure yet.

The foundation of a new party has been on the lips of quite a few people, seeing as how the Republican party has been left in tatters, and many fled due to how its weakness allowed such a thing to happen. If McMullin does plan on founding a new party, he’s got his work cut out for him, but it may be a welcome sight for many who feel the Republican and Democrat duopoly looks more like a monopoly.


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