Politico's Glenn Thrush Is A "Hack" According to Politico's Glenn Thrush

There’s no bottom to the gold that the WikiLeaks email dump has given us. We’re like Scrooge McDuck in his vault.

The latest bit of bullion comes from the discovery that Chief Political Corespondent for Politico, Glenn Thrush, got caught emailing Hillary’s Campaign Chairman for approval of his articles.


If that’s not bad enough, Thrush refers to himself as a “hack,” during the exchange.

“No worries Because I have become a hack I will send u the whole section that pertains to u. Please don’t share or tell anyone. I did this Tell me if I fucked up anything,” wrote Thrush.


Nation Review Online Editor, Charles Cooke, began zinging Thrush pretty thoroughly.

It’s funny that Thrush would try to pretend this isn’t a big deal, and that this is a common occurrence with him. If that’s the case, and he does send his articles to the Democrats for approval, then he truly is what he says he is, and he’ll get no argument from me.

The Daily Caller reached out to Politico about the leaked email, and received this reply from Politico’s spokesman, Brad Dayspring:


Hi Alex,

Glenn has a self-deprecating sense of humor, one of the many blessings of being born and raised in Brooklyn. You know Alex, Oscar Wilde once pointed out that people are never so trivial as when they take themselves seriously. That wisdom seems to apply here.

The bottom line is that Glenn got the chairman of the notoriously secretive Clinton campaign – who is not typically a font of detail – to confirm a bunch of inside information that he culled from other sources. I can speak with firsthand knowledge and experience that Glenn does this with everybody, on both sides of the aisle. Glenn is one of the top political reporters in the country, in no small part because he understands that it is his job is to get inside information, not appear perfect when someone illegally hacks emails.

Curiously, since you’ve referred to Glenn as a “fucking joke” on social media, one has to wonder whether you might be approaching this line of questioning with your own biases. Is it standard practice at the Daily Caller to assign reporters to cover subjects whom they’ve described in such a manner?


Thrush responded to the Daily Caller with “If I am to be defined by my enemies, happy to have you.”

From there, Daily Caller reports that Thrush and Dayspring refused to answer follow up questions, including “Can Thrush provide specific examples of Republican campaign chairmen he’s treated the same way by email?” and “Will Thrush face any consequences for his behavior?”

The likely answer is no, and if we’re to take any solace from this, it’s that when people say the media has a leftist bias and the media denies it, we can point straight to this.




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