SJW Attacks Reporter On Camera, then His Friends Smugly Lie About It to Police

SJW Attacks Reporter On Camera, then His Friends Smugly Lie About It to Police

Lauren Southern is no stranger to the social justice movement, and in many cases, they’re no stranger to her. Southern is a reporter for Rebel Media, and in her time as a journalist, she’s chronicled the insanity of SJWs, feminists, and activists of every tentacle of the social justice kraken.

What’s more, she’s not afraid to put herself into the middle of the fray. Southern sometimes does things to make the SJWs react so we can all get a good look at how extreme, and childish these people are. What’s funny is that the things she does to upset them is never extreme, it’s often just being logical that sets them off.

Like this one time…


Recently Southern showed up to a Toronto Free Speech rally being held by Professor Jordan B Perterson. At one point, as they are wont to do, the social justice crowd showed up to disrupt the rally, including bringing a white noise machine so that the speakers couldn’t be heard.

At one point, the SJW’s were arguing with attendees, with Southern in the middle of it. One of the SJWs, wearing makeup and various bits of metal on his face, became violent. He lashed out at Southern, hitting and grabbing at her, pulling her along with him.

The crowd immediately intervened, separating the young man – who likely identifies as something else – from Southern – who identifies as an attack chopper – as the camera goes black. When the picture picks back up with see two police officers trying to get to the bottom of the event.

As the police were talking to the crowd, a young woman approached police and began denying that anything at all happened. The young woman blatantly lied to the police with a smug smile on her face, and gave the camera the finger afterward.

Watch below.

Southern says she is pressing criminal charges, but won’t sink to the level of being a “victim,” like the very people who attack her claim to be.

I want to make it VERY clear that although I am objectively a victim of assault under the Criminal Code, I refuse to allow this to ever change my mentality into that of a victim.

I am so blessed to live in Canada, so blessed to live in a country where the worst problem I have to deal with are some weak SJWs.

That being said, considering how pathetic these radicals are, it would be very sad if I continued to allow them to push me and others around.

I’d like to add that these social justice warriors who physically attack people like Southern are the same kind who foot stomp constantly about abuses toward women, and the dominating power of things like the “patriarchy.” This video shows their hypocrisy on full display, and proves that they don’t really have that much of a concern about the groups they claim to stand in defense and support of.

It’s my hope that Southern’s charges stick, and her attacker faces punishment under the law.

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